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After three seasons, Arrow used a lot of heroes and villains of the DC Universe. And it might not be all.

In an interview for DC Access during the Comic-Con, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim revealed that the Weapon Clans could appear in future seasons of Arrow.

"We've absolutely talked about it. It comes up in the writers' room all the time, and Katana was just introduced. We're just waiting for the right story to tell....We'd love to do the Arrow clans and eventually, I'm sure they will end up on the show.

What Are The Weapon Clans?

Basically, The Weapon Clans are in the New 52, a new version of The Outsiders. They are a big part of this new interpretation of the Green Arrow.

The Outsiders are a secret organisation composed of very different clans. Each one based on ancient totem weapons. The Arrow, the Sword, the Spear, the Axe, the Fist, the Shield and the Mask. They are lead by a man named Golgotha.

They used to fight for justice but ultimately splitted apart and lost their way by corrupting themselves.

Robert Queen was part of the Arrow Clan and searched for the Arrow Totem for years, leading ultimately to his death. Each totem are known to give his possessor immortality and true enlightenment. They are therefore really coveted.

How Could They Be Introduced On Arrow ?

SImon Lacroix / Komodo
SImon Lacroix / Komodo

Some of The Outsiders have already been introduced on the show. For example, Komodo was, in the new 52, the protege of Robert Queen who killed him to keep the Totem and his powers for himself. Despite all of this, he never found the Totem and gave up his quest. He's also the big villain of "The Outsiders War."

In the beginning of Arrow Season 3, Lacroix was introduced as a mercenary who was suspected in Sara Lance's murder. While his backstory is completely different from the one in the comics, they could find a way to link him in the story. He's such an important character, if the Weapon Clans are introduced, he has to be in it.

Katana / Shado
Katana / Shado

Katana and Shado are also part of the Outsiders. Shado died in the flashbacks, so I don't think we'll see her again but Katana is alive and I'd love to see Tatsu again on Arrow.

With the Suicide Squad movie on the way, I'm afraid we won't see her much. But why not in future seasons.

The Weapon Clans really deals with the magical/mystical aspect of the DC Universe. And as several actors and producers said, we'll deal with more and more magical things on the show.

Introducing The Outsiders and the Clans would fit into a certain logic in my point of view. For now, we can only speculate, but I'm confident that we'll get to that eventually!

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