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Its been quite awhile since i have posted glad to be back. So earlier this week i decided to go see Ant-man and turns out it wasn't exactly as bad as the trailer made it seem although i will say it would still fall in the category with my least favorite marvel movies. Before i get into the review i just wanna say marvel has been killing it in the cinemas for quite some time now and honestly at this point i don't see how DC can catch up any time soon, still love DC and have no problem but just stating the obvious and to all the fan boys out there who don't wanna admit to it. Now for the review starting with the good hands down this has to be one of the strangest super hero movies i have seen hit the big screen but in a good way specifically because i really like how different it was compared to alot of the other heroes who have the same typical super hero movie style and Hollywood has gotten in the habit of bringing out the same material year after year so i am really glad they went another direction with this. This is also a comedy film so your gonna get some laughs out of this movie something everyone can use every once in awhile. Some of the action sequences and training was also fun to see with all the shrinking e.t.c This is one of those movies you could rent and have friends come over for some pizza to enjoy its just one of those fun silly type movies you could enjoy at the right occasion and mood. Now for the bad some of the dialogue in this movie specifically from the main villan yellow jacket i felt came out really cheesy and to be honest this guy could of been way cooler then he was i mean he did have a bad ass suit and it was actually better looking then ant man which should never ever happen! Super heroes are always supposed to have the good looking suits in movies i don't know what was going on with the ant man suit but i really think it could of been better then it was i mean the moment you see yellow jacket on screen the whole image of ant man just fads away. His suit didn't really bother me per say but marvel suits in the past from different movies have always looked great but this one didn't look like much effort was put into it. For a movie being so different it did have a lot of same old typical super hero movie moments which i was really annoyed with. Thats one thing that made the trailer so bad in the beginning you see the same basic shot of the city and the "you are the chosen one" line i hate the most was used. Overall i didn't hate the movie ant man himself is generally a good character and like i said earlier he really stands out because of how different and unusual he so I'm giving this movie a 7.9 out of 10. what did you think of ant man? share your thoughts in the comment section below!!


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