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George R. R. Martin has been teasing fans for almost two decades with the A Song Of Fire and Ice. However, when he gave the OK in 2008 for a television adaptation of his already wildly popular book series, The story changed. We understand (like we really REALLY do) that the books at times have ridiculously long and lengthy plot lines. Everyone in the book has a name (like, literally all of Westeros), and we can easily do without so many of the characters that Martin chooses to give a name, small story line, and then a quick and untimely death to. I mean I would give you some examples but if you've ever took the time to read the books you know that I am right (as I am in all things), and would just let the conversation end there. However massive story line edits/changes (like in this past season 5's series fiascoes) have me willing to raise my hand and say, "The answer is WHAT THE F*c% just happened"?!

cause, you know... like, fuck it. why not....?
cause, you know... like, fuck it. why not....?

Warning there will be spoilers if you have not watched the past five seasons, or read the book... at all....

Lets jump to season five, because ultimately that's the only season that currently matters. Five things I bet you television warriors didn't know the book didn't have in it, or that the book had that wasn't in the show... based of importance to the over all story:

Sansa has yet to return to Wintersfall:

  • In Dances With Dragons (Book 5), Sansa Lannister and Peter Baelish leave The Eyrie (the sky castle where Catelyn Stark's sister Lysa Tully lives) after some pretty interesting and (oddly enough) left out anarchy, that occurs after Little Finger pushes then wife Lysa out of the Moon Door where she plummets to her death. Peter, Sansa, and Rob (Lysa's sickly child) then travel west to a village, where she is introduced to a comely young man with claim to the throne, and she's betrothed to him. However in the show she not only returns to Wintersfell she marries Ramsey Bolton... (By the way in the books Remsey is married to Arya Stark... but it's not really Arya, read for those details it gets to all around confusing to describe in a blog) Sansa is almost raped by way of consummation by Ramsey on their wedding night taking almost all of her charm away. I expect her to commit a full WWE style heel turn in this next season, as she looks to do in this next book, however with Little Finger playing the role of Paul Hayman I don't see how she can lose, unless...

Lady Stoneheart:

  • Catelyn Stark was murdered in the now world-known "Red Wedding". However what happens next may surprise some since it has been treated like a still unconfirmed, still up in the air teaser. Let's fast forward threw some events, shall we? Rob dies (and his pregnant wife... who in the book a. wasn't there, and b. wasn't pregnant), and in a crazed rage Catelyn then slits a Frey's throat (the wrong Frey), and then she, herself is killed.
    Now that sounds pretty cut and dry right? NO! Magic is introduced into Catelyn's not so life three days later, and Catelyn is reborn by the Red Priest Baric Dondarrion. She is slightly decayed and filled with the kind of rage that only someone who has lost everything, and simply has no more [email protected]#$'s to give can be filled with. She takes on the name Lady Stoneheart or The "Mother of Mercy" (which dawned a very eerie resemblance to the season 5 finale's title).Then- how do I say this to children.... Well, she murder's everyone. Like anyone that is a Frey, a Bolton, kind of a Northerner... She would make them sand "trial" and beg the mother's mercy, and then should would have them hanged with a simple nod of her head.

Stannis did WHAT!?

  • Stannis Baratheon on the show, was, or is depending on what you choose to believe happened at the end of season 5. Although obsessed with winning the crown, and claiming what he believes is rightfully his, in the TV show he did something that based on the book's simply DOES NOT fit into his character. In the tail end of season 5 things are looking pretty bleak for the chances of Stannis to win the throne, and claim Westeros. Enter Stannis' daughter Shireen who says, "I want to help you win the war in anyway possible", and you have one of the biggest (mistakes?) plot twists from the show to the book.
    Melisandre (the red lady) then sacrifices Shireen to the red god, because there's power in the King's blood (not relevant because it didn't work), but the out cry by purest (who read the books) and television faithfuls was beyond comprehension, people where pissed. Stannis as a character (in the books) would never have made such a drastic move, and he left his family on the wall because the trip was too dangerous. Stannis didn't believe in killing the innocent so his daughter would have never EVER been an option.

Brienne Of Tarth

  • So here's where this Lady Stoneheart snub starts making very real show problems. Brienne of Tarth much like in the show is given a sword "Oath Keeper" and asked by Jamie Lannister to find and protect Sansa Stark (Lannister, Bolton... gods help me) from his crazed with mother-loss rage twin sister Cersei. Brienne promises to find and protect her and sets off on a journey later enlisting Podrick Payne as a squire of sorts. The show and book go in such a very different course in this that I have to break each down individually, so even I can look at the pure stupidity of it all.
    Brienne makes it to the river's heading north completely at a loss to where to look for Sansa, and encounters some of "The Mountain's" ex-hench men, and Gentry (who STILL doesn't know he's the past king's bastard son). After a battle that almost kills her, she is then dropped at the feet of the "no this b!tch didn't" mad Catelyn "Lady Stoneheart" Tully. She calls her an Oath Breaker, and tells her goons to kill her and the boy (Podrick is still there... don't know why). She tries to explain that she isn't an oath breaker and that Jamie has changed for the better, but as I have previously explained Lady Stoneheart just DON'T GIVE A FUCK (yah I know, right? no edit). Brienne is about to be hung (well she's being hung), and right before she passes out she say's a name. I guess that it does the trick because the last time you see her she's ride away with Jamie Lannister to some unknown destination (although I think it's a trap).
    Now take all the stuff that I just said about Lady Stoneheart out of the story and what do you have.... Nothing, at all. So what do we do with Brienne of Tarth, make a whole new story line (or kill her, which has also become quite popular to the writers of this show). So they have Brienne travel north to Winterfell, because in a brilliant stroke of genius Sansa is there, and it gets to Brienne that Sansa is about to marry the Bolton bastard, and Little Finger and Brienne come up with some stupid plot for there to be a candle lit as a signal to Brienne for the salvation of de-virginized Sansa... Shit gets real when Brienne learns that a damn near dead, damn near defeated King Stannis is hunched on a tree just a few miles away making her abandon her job to save Sansa to kill Stannis, which in turn damn near kills Sansa... right...

Jaime Lannister:

  • So over season 5 you find Jaimie on a journey to the desserts of Dorne, why? I don't know. To be a better father to his bastard incest daughter, because the book's plot line left to little to the imagination... However in the book, and show, Jamie might just be better off dead at this point. I believe Martin really wants to strike home the fact that Jamie isn't a bad guy, but he only has one hand, it's like the really popular, really sexy girl having three kids and gaining one hundred pounds. Well no dah she get's nicer she's no longer lusted after, so what else does she really have.

Everything at the Wall is pretty true to the book, Melisandre was at The Wall when Jon Snow was stabbed by the brothers of the black (Allister Thorn was not >:( ), Sam is across the world some where, Arya is blind (for a time), I'm sure the Iron Island story will be a part of the next season, and Daenerys is just slightly off but I can live with it. However these five examples have me waiting for The Winds Of Winter (the sixth book in the series) with growing annoyance because I just don't think the show will do the books justice. So George PLEASE... stop the bleeding!


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