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Rockstar have performed admirably with Grand Theft Auto 5, but of course it has some issues that fans want to see rectified in GTA 6. Rockstar are more than likely currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2, so the next installment of the GTA franchise will be a long way off. But fans have already gotten together to discuss how the series could improve and what they'd like to see in GTA 6.

We've already looked at how incredible it'd be to have all of the USA as a map in the future, but whether that will actually happen in the next installment is pretty unclear. However, with this idea in mind, players responded with support and a few additional gameplay improvements that could really move the series in the right direction once GTA 6 gets its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC.


GTA 6 - USA Map, Family Life, a Longer Campaign & More!

The location of GTA 6 is obviously where the debate begins. Should they return to Vice City like we thought they were? Should they include a series of cities to go along with the 3 character model? Should they even stay within the USA? Rockstar seem to be pretty set on the idea of GTA being set in America though. Everything the series is a pastiche of originates in the States and I suppose they feel like the franchise just wouldn't work outside of its borders.

Having the entirety of the country be the location in GTA 6 would be pretty incredible. We saw The Crew attempt this last year though and it really didn't work. However, Ubisoft created a bland USA, with little to no life in every city that it attempted to recreate. Rockstar would do a far better job of bringing the USA to life. Though it may too big a challenge for them to take on, what do you think?

The USA in The Crew
The USA in The Crew

Aside from the location, fans have included a few other requests on their list for GTA 6. One that continuously cropped up was relationships. Some fans would really love to see the option to date people in the future of the franchise and cultivate that relationship into a marriage. You could move in together, have children and it would impact on the story and campaign in many ways.

Speaking of the campaign, a lot of GTA fans asked for an extended length where the story is concerned, with an advancement on the three character model GTA V brought us. But there's one aspect of GTA that I think has always been missing. It's small, but I think it would really improve on the game as a whole and I wonder if you guys actually agree with me.

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs

GTA 6 & Sleeping Dogs On Release Date

One aspect of these games that Rockstar hasn't ever really focused on is melee combat. Punching and kicking at your enemies (or random civilians) just doesn't work. The results can be funny, but when GTA V actually asks you to have a fist fight with people in its campaign and then hands you a poor fighting system to do it with, it feels like something needs fixing.

Sleeping Dogs has a fantastic fighting system in a beautiful open world city. I'd love to see Rockstar incorporate a fighting system that at least reached the halfway point between GTA V and Sleeping Dogs. But what about you guys? What do you want from the release date of GTA 6? Let us know in the comments!


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