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DC is FINALLY making there first big step in a crossover film something i thought i would never see and soon enough it was made. The Batman vs Superman trailer made its way the web a few weeks ago and everybody is looking pretty pumped the way i see it. We got to see a little bit more of Ben Affleck in action as the caped crusader and i starting to think he s gonna do a good job...still aggravated Christian Bale wasn't in this film after dropping a legendary trilogy as batman which will always have a special place in my heart. I already know the day this movie comes out people are gonna compare both Batmans together and honestly looking at are new batman he's nothing like Bales batman this is a lot like the situation we had with Days of Future Past's Quicksilver and Ultron's Quicksilver same character different concept you cant compare them together I believe Affleck will be unique is his own way and as a matter of fact with his chin and all he looks pretty close to the comics and from the Arkham Knight so I'll give him that for sure. I'm not sure that I am to pleased with the direction they're making superman in this film. Apparently he's some type of God to the people and i just feel that's kind of out of place. If anything he can be known as an "earthly guardian" because there can only be one God.

Other then that this trailer was so exciting to see. If its a success i think it could top out with avengers but as far as story telling DC is left in the dust on that one marvel just took that away years ago. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman not gonna lie I did have my doubts about it but after seeing some of the material she brought in i was impressed. The biggest complaints on the media was how small she was and her boobs but come on guys? Do you realize how silly you sound? And she's bulked up quite a bit since fast and furious so I'm wishing her the best on this one and its good to see more female roles as well. One thing I will say though I really hope she can tone down the accent playing wonder woman but other then that I'm all in. I didn't like the character choice for Lex Luthor i think what happened was they were a bit rushed and just threw the role out for anybody to take. Lex looks about in his mid 4os but Jesse Eisenberg is way to young for this role and the hair? Oh my lord please get rid of that as fast as possible in this movie its bad enough he was cast as an iconic villain don't make it any worse then it is. Now that i got that out of the way I will say I am really excited to see this movie it really needs to hurry up and get here I'm expected a lot from this movie and so far it's looking pretty damn good. What did you think of the trailer? Please share down below see you in the cinemas!!


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