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As always when two giants like DC Comics and Marvel Comics start producing movies, the fandom goes crazy. Normally (hopefully) people are civil about this kind of stuff but others are really extreme about their opinions about their own or others' favorite cinematic universe. Personally, I love both DC and Marvel, although I'm leaning towards DC a bit more when it comes to the comics. Unfortunately, we don't have enough DC movies as of yet to judge, but let's do our best, shall we?

Avengers vs Justice League

Although the single movies are great, let's be honest. We all want them to get together. When I was in the theater for the first time, watching the Avengers, I was hyped. I have been waiting for that ever since Sam Jackson talked with Robert Downey Jr about the Avengers Initiative. And you know what? It was great. More than that, it was one of the best, most important cinema experiences I had in my life and I'm sure I'm not alone with that. That is what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has for itself: years and years of advantage in time against the DC Universe. Many, if not all of the fans are saying that DC is just trying to copy Marvel with rushing the Justice League right after Dawn of Justice even before all the characters have had their origin stories told. Also, that's probably true. However, let's look at it in a different way.

Let's say Apocalypse closes in and Darkseid attacks. Or Doomsday. I don't know which story they are going to choose for the JLA movie, but that's that. Just like in the brilliant animated movie, Justice League: War, the heroes come together not even knowing each other. As such, we could experience the whole situation for ourselves just like the characters do. Sure, Batman and Superman already know each other, but still. It would be also interesting how they would react about working together. If they would still be mad at each other after Dawn of Justice, or they befriend one another and we could see a great dynamic between two friends who, in the comics, are called the World's Finest. Honestly, I'm hoping for the second. Nevertheless, try to imagine sitting in the cinema for the Avengers without seeing any of the solo movies. What kind of movie would it be? Incredible. Captain America seeing visions of his past in the war, it would be more interesting then his movie, which I wasn't really hyped by. Or when Loki's sitting in the plane and they hear thunder. You'd know that Thor's coming, but you'd see him for the first time and it would be amazing. That's just my opinion anyway.

Although DC is accused of trying to be Marvel's copycat, which I understand, but I also think that they are trying to be refreshingly different. Marvel built up to a crisis and then we saw a big bang. Well, DC is starting with that big bang and then we would have some time to calm down, see solo movies and how each character dealt with facing the crisis. Not to be a critic, but at this point, Marvel's solo movies are kind of... bad. More than that, they are redundant. Boring. The Winter Soldier was good and Age of Ultron was kind of cool, if not as good as the first Avengers. Unfortunately both Thors were bad (the first was kind of okay but don't get me started on the second one...) and the last two Iron Mans were ridiculous. I'm hyped for Civil War but since I'm no Spiderman fan, he doesn't really hold anything in the lot for me.

All in all, I'm interested in Warner Brothers' take on the Justice League and I welcome the fact that they changed the pace a little bit.

Ideas against Ideas

It might just be me, but I kind of see Suicide Squad as the DC equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy. That brings out the number one criticism I have about the Suicide Squad trailer I've seen. I think it'll be good but I'm also not liking the direction it's going. For those of you who don't know of couldn't gather from the trailer, the Suicide Squad or Task Force X is a government funded team of criminals who are put to work on black label missions. They use criminals for a number of reasons, among them are that they are not uneasy about killing or doing what's necessary, they are expendable and when they are found out, the government would just blow it off as another of their criminal activities. Sounds good. The one huge difference between the Guardians and the Squad is that while the Guardians are a ragtag team of morally questionable individuals who are also fun but still good in general, the Squad is a criminal group. They are clearly villains. They are not misunderstood, they are not just 'doing what they think is right but others don't see it', they are not working for revenge or any other aim. They are doing this because they are forced to and because they get pain or years of their jail time if cut. That is all. They are bad people. Batman: Assault on Arkham is a brilliant take on the Suicide Squad. Although they are likable, the members are clearly villains. What I feel is that DC is clearly trying to copy the Guardians of the Galaxy a bit with the fun outlaws in a cowboy fashion. I'm not sure, it's just what I gathered by the trailer.

What I'm hoping is that, even if this is true, DC won't continue this kind of thing in their other movies, especially Shazam. It was told to be a bit more fun and light hearted than the normal DC movies which are pretty dark in general. It might just be me, but when Warner Bros is talking about a lighter DC movie, it screams Marvel ripoff to me.


Clearly, both Marvel and DC are making comic book movies. But how close are they to their graphic novel counterparts? To be honest, I think DC takes the cake with this one, as far as we've seen at least. That's because Marvel has spread the rights to different parts of it's universe to different companies. X-Men belongs to Fox, Spiderman to Sony (even though they have given some rights back to Marvel), and as far as I know, the Fantastic Four and the Hulk solo title belongs to someone else as well. As such, they can't put small tidbits of other universes in their movies. How fun was it to see the Wayne satellite or the LexCorp building in Man of Steel? Or knowing that Aquaman was behind the oil rig explosion. Things like that really do much for a movie. I know that other Marvel movies had small things but no X-Men, no kid saving his aunt when the aliens attacked in New York, or anything like it.

Also, I've experienced that Marvel really has changed their characters to fit the universe. I'm really interested in how they are going to pull off Doctor Strange since unfortunately they all went against magic in Thor or that they were gods. When Odin told Loki that they are not gods, they live and die like others, I could have cried. I knew Norse gods were not immortal but still. I loved the Thor mythology and this 'magic is just advanced science' just killed me inside. I'm hopeful that DC will do things differently and they'll accept the magical side of their universes. It would be a really good change of pace.

In the End.

Both DC and Marvel have created great movies so far, although DC has been a bit short as of yet. However, I'm hopeful they will catch up. I'm not really into the who's better category of cinema, this DC vs Marvel thing isn't the best conversation since both companies do things differently. While Marvel is a bit original and light hearted, DC is making a more dark, serious series. They are so different, they can be loved equally. Still, good luck Warner Bros and we can't wait until Justice League!


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