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Even a Hufflepuff loves to hate this woman! She is cruel, manipulative and a giant hypocrite. She likes people to worship her and it's either her way or nothing. If you defy her she will see you in hell. And behind the charming, sweet, and almost mothering facade, she would do anything to get what she wants - including using the cruciatus curse on you. She is happy to cause you immense mental and physical pain just to find something out, or to make you become loyal to her.

This lovely woman is Dolores Umbridge. Who'd have thought that so many despicable traits could be packed into such a small woman? She speaks in this sweet voice and looks like she's friendly, but don't be fooled. This is what makes her so manipulative. Imagine thinking she is the new jolly teacher, who loves cats and has a welcoming, cosy pink office and then BAM! you've got scars on your hand caused by one of her evil quills. What just happened? That would really mess with your head.

1). Her Unusual Allies

And I suppose when watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you weren't surprised to see that she was being nice to the Slytherins. That's because they're evil too, right? Perhaps, but Draco Malfoy, and the other members of the High Inquisitorial Squad were obeying her every order and were happy to comply with everything she said and asked of them. They never questioned her, or were indecisive when told to do something, and they never told her the truth (that she's a terrible human being and that Fudge was being a moron by ignoring Dumbledore). Instead, they did what they were told and this showed Umbridge loyalty - something that she demands from people. She's one of those people that enjoys being worshiped and having someone suck up to her. To be Umbridge's friend is a difficult role because on top of all those requirements to be liked by her, you'd be treading on eggshells constantly. You must be insane to want to be her friend.

2). She's Power Crazy!

One thing that's really wrong with Umbridge is how hard it would be to prove her true intentions. A person who has all these traits and is clever is a very dangerous person. She even has a "glow" around her caused by the pink cardigans she wears, yet she is far from angelic. She starts off with small acts of bad behaviour which then rapidly escalate as the power goes to her head. She tries to bend the rules (when she tried to kick Trelawney out for example) and her behaviour as "temporary head master" shows how controlling she is. Umbridge is every hated trait rolled into one person - that makes me shudder.

3). She's a Total Hypocrite

I can't stand it when someone is hypocritical. It's one rule for them and a different rule for the rest. They commit and sugar-coat their horrible behaviour and somehow manage to turn it around to make you look like the bad guy when you have done nothing wrong. Umbridge is one of these people! She punished Harry for "telling lies" yet she tells the worst lie of all in her office when she wants to use the cruciatus curse on Harry and puts the picture of the Minister for Magic face down. She knows this is against the rules and if confronted about it, she would lie and get away with it. She breaks the rules in extreme ways herself, yet makes thousands of strict, unreasonable rules that line the walls of Hogwarts. She is a bully, and bullies are cowards, as she demonstrates at the end of the fifth Harry Potter movie when she is screaming and being carried away by the centaurs (gosh I loved that scene!) And do you know what the worst thing is? People like this actually exist. That makes me incredibly sad.

I hate this woman so much! But I suppose we shouldn't be too disheartened about people like Dolores existing because we have great films like Harry Potter to cheer us up and show us that good people always prevail! I end this post with that wonderful, triumphant scene for your viewing pleasure. "I will have order!" Oh do shut up Dolores.

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