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Baldwin Collins

It would be great seeing veteran actor Michael Douglas return as marvel comic book legend hank Pym a k a ant-man. the Lola v f x team did a marvelous job in making Douglas a younger hank Pym in the opening scenes of ant-man. there's media reports that Michael Douglas is interested in reprising his role in a sequel if asked. Which there's so much history to be told in flashbacks scenes, without taking up too much time, and again probably a stand alone film using the same LOLA V F X special effects in some scenes.

However many ant-man comic book fans on hearing Douglas was being cast as Hank Pym disagreed totally, saying he was too old for the part, not knowing that a younger actor would be playing a new ant-man, but seeing Michael Douglas playing hank Pym again and also seeing actress Catherine zeta Jones play the Legendary Janet van dye a k a 'the wasp' would be awesome. what are you're thoughts on seeing Michael Douglas possibly return in a ant-man sequel. ?


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