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I'm sure many enjoy watching Arrow on Wednesday nights, I know I do. I remember when it first aired I thought it was the coolest show ever. Always being a Batman fan I was excited to see another hero with no real powers fight crime in a live action TV show. Yes there are a few minor flaws with the show at certain spots in the seasons, but overall I personally think the show does an amazing job with all the characters. And now as I await season 4, there is only one thing I am thinking... what Batman villains are they going to use this season?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing the show for it but rather I am happy to be able to see so many great Batman villains brought to life on TV. These are just a few of the characters that make the show a Batman fan's dream Batman show.

1. Deathstroke

Originally debuting in New Teen Titans #2 this character has become the deadliest mercenary in DC comic books. He eventually became a main figure in Batman and Green Arrow comics. But when it comes right down to it is more of Batman villain than a Green Arrow villain, at least as far as I can tell. That's why from day one of watching the show and realizing we would see Slade Wilson turn into Deathstroke I was ecstatic. Especially because I grew up watching Teen Titans, so I was so ready to see him in a live action show. Manu Bennett does a wonderful job in my opinion and does the character justice.

2. Deadshot

Floyd Lawton is even more of a Batman adversary than Deathstroke. CW has nicely brought Deadshot into the show and has created a very likable character especially showing flashbacks to his time with his wife and daughter. It creates a character that you almost feel sorry for. Unfortunately his time on the show may be done...for now, we'll see if something miraculous happens. He has been made even more popular by the recent Batman Arkham games and holds rank number #43 on IGN's top 100 villains. Being a Batman fan this is another villain that was so much fun to see on TV.

3. Ra's al Ghul

Matt Nable: Ra's al Ghul by the Lazarus Pit
Matt Nable: Ra's al Ghul by the Lazarus Pit

This is probably the most blatantly stolen character from the Batman comics. I must say when I first heard the mention of the League of Assassins on Arrow I freaked out because I was so excited. And I was not disappointed. The CW did an amazing job with the character and in my opinion a better job than the Nolan trilogy. This is the Ra's that we should have seen in the movie. But when Ra's wanted Oliver to take his spot as the Demon's Head I was like okay, they're really stealing a Batman story. But who cares the story was great!

4. Helena Bertinelli AKA The Huntress

Helena Bertinelli is another character comes from the Batman comics. At one point she even dawns the Batgirl costume, although that was short lived. Batman never accepts her because of her willingness to kill criminals and her impulsive actions. However, she does have working relationships with Time Drake and the rest of the bat family. She was also an original member of the Birds of Prey. Seeing her on Arrow was great and they did a good job with her but she'll always be a Batman character.

These are the main characters that really made the Batman fan inside of me smile. At times Arrow is more a Batman show than a Green Arrow show. Although I look for a shift in season 4 that will make the show more Green Arrow than Batman. Another few villains that are straight out of the Batman comics include Dollmaker, Firefly, and the Royal Flush Gang. What have you thought of so many Batman characters on Arrow? And who has been your favorite to see on a live action TV show?


Who has been your favorite on the show?


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