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Recently I wrote an article on the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics. Now it's time for DC to receive the same treatment. As a warning, I'm not going to count omnipotent beings (The One Above All from Marvel for instance). About the only one that I can find for DC is The Presence. He will not be making an appearance on this list. But let's not talk about who won't be showing up...let's get started with our list! Here's number Five:

5. Professor Zoom

This is one messed up dude. Eobard Thawne found the Cosmic Treadmill in 2640 and thought it would be fun to re-create the accident that made his hero Barry Allen into the speedster he was. It messed Thawne up pretty bad and left his mind in a very unstable place. He was able to use the treadmill...once. This left Zoom stranded a few years after the Infinite Crisis. When he learned that Barry Allen's death was at Thawne's own hand, the Professor went even more insane, and began killing off people in his timeline...that doesn't sound too crazy, does it?

  • The Negative Speed Force: In the same way that Barry uses the Speed Force to achieve super-speed, Thawne created the Negative Speed Force for his own use. Because of this anti-energy, he can shut out other speedsters and unlike others can actually change time events. Thanks to the Negative Force, he can erase people from existence and travel through time without any outside assistance.
  • Super-speed: It is believed the Eobard Thawne is the fastest Flash to ever exist, with speeds reaching 7,500,000 mph. He is able to create vortexes so powerful that it can transport people or objects to another dimension. Like all speedsters, he can vibrate at super-speeds in order to phase through objects. Thawne has taken this parlor trick to a new extreme: He can vibrate so fast that light can't reflect off of his body.
  • Other powers: Besides his 25th century tech, Professor Zoom possesses the abilities to appear older or younger, and to suck the time from a person's body in order to strengthen himself. Thawne's greatest weapon is his genius level intellect, that, when coupled with a speedster's reaction times makes Zoom one of the most lethal villains in the DC universe. Oh, and there was that time when he created an after image of himself that became a separate person called Hunter Zolomon.

In short, Thawne is dangerous, psychotic, and intelligent. He has defeated the Flash countless times, murdered Nora Allen, and created the Flashpoint Paradox. Regardless of Thawne's infamous accomplishments, there are still more powerful beings to discuss.

4. Doomsday

The idiot who decided to make an unstoppable, constantly evolving monster deserves to get jack-slapped. Created hundreds of thousands of years before Kal-El was ever born and bred for war, Doomsday was constantly exposed to the harshest environments and monsters in order to evolve into the perfect killing machine. His creator succeeded, but in the process, Doomsday developed a hatred for all life, and his sole existence is to eliminate it from the universe.

  • Immortality and invulnerability: Doomsday can be killed, but his body regenerates thanks to thousands of years of manipulated evolution. Not only can he never stay dead, he also has controlled bone growth, advanced healing factors, and stamina that would outlast Superman. Even the strongest blows from Superman, Wonder Woman, and others don't seem to phase him.
  • Super-strength and speed: 100 tons is a light weight in Doomsday's hands. He has shown the ability to break Superman's bones, knock out Darkseid with a single punch, and has a near 100% success rate in battle. Because he was bred for war, his instincts and skills are primitive (but very effective) and while his speed is not on a level with the Flash, he has been known to dismantle the entire Justice League in minutes!
  • Other powers: Though he is of Krypton, Doomsday developed an immunity to the radiation of the planet. He has also developed immunities to mental attacks, energy blasts, and even evolved fire breathing to defeat Martian Manhunter.

This is the creature that killed Superman. To my knowledge, no other being has been able to terminate the Man of Steel. The only way to stop him that I'm aware of, is to lock him away in the Phantom Zone, and that's not even proven fully successful. Even if he dies, there is no stopping Doomsday.

3. Dr. Manhattan

Jon Osterman was an average nuclear physicist in 1959. He then decided to start what would one day be the Blue Man Group. Not really. He was actually caught in an experiment that "disintegrated him. His body somehow reformed, and Jon became the extremely powerful Dr. Manhattan. As his name suggests, his power revolves around the atom:

  • Atomic control: This includes intangibility, size alteration, long-range teleportation, unlimited matter control and manipulation, the ability to survive without any substances, the power to create environments around objects, telekinesis, and the ability to "disintegrate" objects. He can also create copies of himself that work in complete unison.
  • Atemporal Existence: Dr. Manhattan sees the entirity of time. This power was weakened to a point where all he can see is his own timeline. He still can know exactly what he has said and is going to say until the day he dies. Therefore, he perceives time as non-existent. His powers also extend to being able to read tachyons, the particles that make up time.

Very little can be said about the good doctor as he has been limited to the Watchmen comics, and exhibits but a small amount of his power. It is safe to assume that his control over matter is nigh infinite, and because he has no perception of time he can see all that is, was, and will be. Though this would seem a blessing, it is a curse to him.

2. Superman

The Golden Boy of DC comics, Superman's origins are as famous as George Washington. But I'll repeat it anyway. Kal-El was a baby born on the dying planet Krypton. His parents sent him to Earth so that he would be the true legacy of Krypton, and that he might save Earth from a similar fate. Kal was raised by the Kents as Clark, and grew up in obscurity. As his powers began to manifest, Clark began to fight for truth, justice, and the American way as Superman. The rest is history. While recently stripped of his powers in the New 52 comic series, let's look at the basic set of powers that belong to the Man of Steel:

  • Kryptonian Physiology: Thanks to his alien features, Superman absorbs solar radiation, granting him energy that is comparable to a small star. He is endowed with hearing and sight beyond what a human could imagine. It is said that he can hear every single person on the planet. Kal-El also possess a genius-level intellect (something often over-looked) and can recall any bit of information from anything he has observed.
  • Superhuman strength, speed, etc. : There's a reason that he's called Superman. Kal can lift (without difficulty) over 100 tons, and he has been known to move planets. His speed is slower than the Flash, but Clark can still reach light-speeds. Because he thrives off of solar radiation, Superman possesses nearly limitless stamina, able to fight for days on end without tiring.
  • Other powers: Freeze breath, heat vision, flight (thanks to the production of a gravitational field), and more, Superman has more secondary powers than Batman has gadgets.

Kal-El is one of the few morally sound characters in the DC universe and that sets him apart. Forget the powers, or the shiny cape. Deep down, Superman is looking out for humanity. He's a god that never thinks he's a god. As Batman would say, "...It is difficult not to think of him as a god, and how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him."

1. Darkseid

I bet you thought I was going to say Batman...No, I'm just going with the most powerful created being in DC comics: Darkseid. Born as the New God Uxas, he became the ruler of Apokolips by killing his entire family and taking the Source (an omnipotent energy) for himself. His power is unparalleled, and he rules like a god over all he conquers. His singular purpose is to rule the universe as a supreme being.

  • New Gods physiology: Darkseid is of the race of the New Gods, a people that exist in a dimension apart from time and space. His lineage grants him strength beyond anyone else on our list. He has defeated Superman and others with a single punch, and he even crushed a Green Lantern ring with his bare hands. His speed is nowhere near as fast as the Flash, but his reaction times can stop even the fastest of speedsters. Only the most powerful of beings can even make him feel pain, and he is invulnerable to any earthly weapon. Darkseid himself even claims that the physical form is simply a shadow of the real Darkseid. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he's immortal?
  • The Omega Effect: Darkseid uses the Source's negative energy to devastating effect. The most infamous power is the Omega Beam, an almighty energy beam that shoots from Darkseid's eyes. It travels at the will of its wielder, and instantly destroys whatever it touches. The Omega Effect grants Darkseid infinite telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, matter manipulation, teleportation, size alteration, and power distribution (to grant some Omega power to his servants or to create new soldiers). He has been known to raise the dead back to life. One of the worst things Darkseid has used his power for is the Omega Sanction, a literal hell of alternate realities for those who dare defy him.
  • The Anti-Life Equation: Darkseid, in his quest to subjugate all life, determined that his only true enemy was free will. His ultimate goal was to find the "anti-life equation," which would destroy free will. The Final Crisis story arc shows what happens when Darkseid's Equation was used. It was pretty bad. And yes, that was an understatement.

Darkseid is known as the Lord of Evil, and not without just reason. Darkseid is the most powerful being in the DC universe and perhaps one of the strongest to ever be written into a comic book. His place as the ultimate evil earns him the title of "Most Powerful" without question.

I'm sure that many of you will disagree with me. I can already hear the die-hard fans in the back crying for Booster Gold and Mr. Mxyzptlk. My recommendation for you? Go write an article about it! Or let me know who you think earns the top spot in the DC universe down below in the comments.



Who do you think is the Most Powerful DC character?


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