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It came as a surprise the me that one of the most loved web series' in existence, though the source of much discussion on Tumblr and it's home website, Roosterteeth, could do so much and garner so little attention via third party articles since debuting in 2003. So I've decided to do reviews for each episode out, as well as some of the PSAs and bonus videos.

Watch Episode 1 Here

Considering that RvB was originally just supposed to be a miniseries, this is a good introduction as introductions go. It starts with some existential dialogue, possibly leading new viewers to think that there may be something deep in these videos made of video games and bobbing heads...and then throws that sentiment directly out the window. In the few minutes til the end of the episode the five characters we are introduced to talk in a seemingly nonsensical, slapstick manner that sets up the majority of the character interaction to follow, with a little exposition thrown in by Simmons (that's the maroon soldier, I know none of them have been given names at this point, unless you count the intro theme) with the "two bases in the middle of a boxed canyon" line. Actually dissecting the first episode makes me think even higher of it, to be honest.

Characters Introduced This Episode

  • Simmons - Maroon Soldier, Red Team
  • Grif - Orange Soldier, Red Team
  • Tucker - Aqua Soldier, Blue Team
  • Church - Cobalt Soldier, Blue Team
  • Sarge - Red Soldier, Red Team

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