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So as the second Dawn of Justice trailer rolled around, we all had some time to think about it and get the shivers off of our skin from the sheer awesomeness it was. Still, with that and the many small tidbits the writers, producers, actors and the director have said about it, do we really know everything about the movie? Clearly, we don't since we haven't seen it yet and we can't judge it as of yet but you need to agree that we know a hell of a lot. If we'll have even more in this movie, it'll burst like Spiderman 3 or the Amazing Spiderman 2... woah, now to think about it, Spiderman movies suck nowadays...

Anyways, back to DC. So let's see what we know. Superman is on trial because of the Kryptonian attack on Metropolis and the damage it has done to the city, also because of the lives lost there. We know that Bruce Wayne has also been there at that time and has seen the deaths caused by the battle between Zod and Kal. We don't know if he blames Superman for that or he just blames him for the attack in general, but we can be sure that that's where his dislike of Kal began. He also knows Wonder Woman and they both know each others identities. We have seen pictures of them at a ball. We can guess that it was a fund raiser for money to rebuild Metropolis. Maybe Lex Luthor is there too.

We also know that Bruce Wayne has not been Batman for some time. We could see a Robin outfit which was written on by the Joker. It is clear that, just like in the Dark Knight Returns (which has been used as inspiration for this movie), Bruce has put down the cowl after who we guess is Jason Todd has been killed by the Joker. The scenes we see of a rundown Wayne manor is what I think is when Bruce finally sees that he needs to be Batman again after Metropolis. He goes into the basement, starts his training again (when he pulls the tire on the chain) and also unveils his cowl again (the scene where he stares at it). He walks by the Robin outfit then. After that, we can see maybe a montage or some scenes of Batman taking down criminals, brutally. That gathers the interest of Clark Kent in Metropolis where we can see that Perry is telling him that he has no business with the Batman.

In a montage, we can see Superman doing feats to help people maybe to atone for Metropolis, saving the family from drowning, landing the spacecraft and doing whatever he does with the tribal looking people. Because of that, many see him as a god. Others fear him however and people are polarized.

In another thread, we see LexCorp employees looking all over the world for remnants of Kryptonian technology. They find Kryptonite, or just remains of the World Engine in India or something like that, it's not clear yet. They also acquire Zod's body. With that, I have to be honest, I have no idea what they are going to do. It can be Bizarro, it can be Doomsday or Ultraman, I have no idea.

Clark goes home to his mother where they talk about him trying to pull too much weight on his shoulders. That is where his mother tells him that he doesn't need to feel guilty for the damage. That he can be the peoples' savior, their god, or he can be just a man. He can decide because he doesn't own anyone anything. He has done what he needed to do to defeat Zod and he did the right thing as well as he could.

Okay, so this part is clearly fan fiction, but I think I am right. Lex Luthor either gives an interview to Lois Lane of to Clark Kent about what he thinks about Superman and Batman, peeking Clark's interest in the Dark Knight yet again. Superman visits Lex and they talk, Lex clearly trying to work Superman against Batman. He tells Superman to go to a LexCorp facility (in the desert where the S guards are) to show him the Kryptonite. There, Kal is weakened and maybe caught, that is up to debate.

Meanwhile, Batman has met the S guards in Gotham and he gathers that Superman is too dangerous. Then, Alfred has this speech about Batman's growing obsession with Superman and that he is not their enemy. Batman doesn't care though and breaks into LexCorp where he sees the monitors. He watches them, seeing the Flash and Aquaman. He also finds the location of the desert facility and goes there. He gets the Kryptonite there.

Again, this is where my ideas end. Batman clearly wants to beat Superman because he is afraid of his power and now he has the means to do so. Yet, in an interview we also learned that it was Superman who started the fight at the behest of Lex Luthor. In the trailer though, we saw Superman kneeling in front of Lex, clearly angry as he looks up. He's not in control which is because of the Kryptonite, I guess. So I don't know if Kal is threatened to go to Gotham and beat Batman, or Lex uses some kind of manipulation or mind control. We don't know as of yet. We can see Wonder Woman in her costume fighting at where we can guess the battle between Batman and Superman is. Or maybe it's just a flashback to one of her previous fights or how she got to know Batman. We don't know, but my guess is that she comes to help Batman and they beat some sense into Superman.

All in all, that is what my ideas are about the movie. I have no idea how correct I was and to be honest, I really want my guesses to be wrong. I hope this movie wasn't spoiled by the trailer. This is my most anticipated movie of all time and I'm really hopeful. I would love if it would be great!

Also, as a last word... we all know that Batman is going to win this fight. Unfortunately so. I love Superman, he's my favorite superhero, but Batman is clearly more popular right now with hardcore fans, foaming at the mouth about Batman. We'll see though. I'm rooting for the Man of Steel!!!! What do you think?


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