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Everyone is always complaining that She-Hulk isn't in the MCU, or that Spider-Woman or Ms. Marvel deserve a chance alongside the likes of Thor and Iron Man. But there are some characters Marvel Comics has introduced in the past that we... may not be so excited about if they appeared on our screens, big or small. Here are a few examples:

1. Ruby Thursday

Ruby Thursday is a villainous character who is able to shape-shift her head into anything she pleases, whether it be another human face or a sword. Not exactly the type of high quality villain you could see taking on Captain America.

2. Hellcow

Hellcow is exactly what it sounds like... unfortunately. While travelling the skies one night, Dracula found a lone cow called Bessie. He drank it's blood (as you do) and left it for dead. It's owner came along and found it that way, and buried it. Three days later it awoke a vampire cow and roamed the earth for 300 years, searching for Dracula to get its revenge upon him.

3. Asbestos Lady

This is just a little strange, but kind of makes sense... I guess. Asbestos Lady was a long time foe of the Human Torch. With her fireproof clothing she would start fires to distract the police from her cohorts escaping after a bank robbery or some other nonsense. She started to use Asbestos bullets to damage the Human Torch. Unfortunately, she later died of cancer (the irony).

4. Hindsight Lad

If anyone creating this character had a little of his power... they wouldn't have made him. Hindsight Lad had hindsight. Duh. He got into the superhero team "The New Warriors" by blackmailing them after finding out one of their secret identities. He stayed with them for a while before betraying them during Civil War.

5. Howard the Duck

Seems necessary to put this guy in. Even if he hadn't made the worst Marvel films of all time (including Daredevil and Ang Lee's Hulk), and even if he hadn't taken up a perfectly good post credits scene that could have contained something incredibly cool, he is still a sarcastic talking duck with no powers or use. Interesting fact, he actually killed Hellcow once, after the trusty Vampire found him and mistook him for Dracula. Still though, please don't put him anywhere near Guardians 2, or any other Marvel films.

There are five of the worst, for you. Hope you enjoyed, and maybe next time you see an MCU character you aren't fond of, you'll think "At least it isn't a Vampire Cow fighting a talking duck."


Which character was your (least) favorite?


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