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In the world of comic books, character variants rarely make it past a cover. But for DC Entertainment, one particular idea has sprung forward as their most beloved "alternate universe" mini-franchises. DC's classic superheroines and villainesses were redesigned and based on classic 1940's pin-ups, spawning an exceptionally popular statue line, mountains of cosplay, and most recently, a comic book spin-off series.

Now, in correlation with the Bombshells comic -- which came out last week and is totally amazing, if you're thinking of getting a copy -- DC Universe Online is gearing up to release The Bombshell Paradox, a new DLC addition to the game that allows players to fight alongside the classic-styled heroines in an effort to take down the League of Assassins. For anyone just joining in on the fun, DC Universe Online is a popular MMO where fans of the universe can create super-powered personas to fight with (or against) their favorite DC superheroes.

The DLC's release marks a change of pace for the game, which usually releases a giant DLC pack every quarter. Starting with The Bombshell Paradox, DLC content will be released monthly, with a new story for each release. In the game, you can fight alongside Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Supergirl. For now, we won't see any of the guys from the Bombshells cover collection (Nooo! Aquamannnn!) but the content growing into something else will be largely dependent on fan response. If the players like it, then the studio says that they'll be producing more. The Bombshell Paradox exists as "Episode 15" of the DLC adventures, and marks the beginning of the League of Assassins stories.

Many of the upcoming stories will be based around events, TV shows, and even films that DC releases. For example, not only does The Bombshell Paradox correlate with the Bombshells comic release -- it also ties in Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins, which play a major role on The CW's Arrow. The game gives Talia her a role as a major antagonist, and kicks off the first of four League of Assassins DLC missions for players to take on.

"We have always been willing to explore all kinds of different versions of the DC universe," explained the game's Senior Creative Director, Jens Andersen. He explained that the new concept of releasing DLC content based around comic, TV and movie events "frees up each individual piece of content from being all tied up together… we can be much more agile about taking opportunities that DC entertainment might have coming down the pipe."

What might some of those opportunities be? When asked for specifics, Andersen directly credited Arrow for Talia al Ghul's introduction to the game, and hinted that: "... we may or may not have some content based around The Flash in the future." He was then pressed further by one avid reporter, specifically regarding Booster Gold, to which Andersen replied:

Well, 'Legends of Tomorrow' has Rip Hunter in it... so you never know when Booster Gold might show up.

But fear not, loyal heroes: The DLC content that was previously released, including War of Light, Amazon Fury and more, will be continued - and further stories are always in the works.

As far as gameplay goes, there are a few new elements to expect later this summer: in the Legends PVE, gamers can ditch their superhero persona and take on one of the iconic characters from the pages of DC Comics instead -- but what's really special about this particular new function is that players are able to go back to older events and relive them as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more.

Collections, Investigations and other items that players stumble across will help contribute to the story, which is an all-new story from the Bombshells universe, meaning that you won't see the story told within the new comic book storyline. Players will be able to collect in-game posters of the bombshells to decorate their bases with, and character customization will update to include Bombshell-specific goodies, such as Wonder Woman's hairstyle, to spruce of their characters with.

The game has no specific release date, but it has been confirmed that the release is set for some time in August.


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