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While everyone, including myself, is incredibly pumped for the upcoming Deadpool movie, mostly because we are itching to see justice finally done to a big screen version of our chimichanga-loving, fourth wall-breaking, eternally tortured Merc with a Mouth. But for as much fun as it will be to see our antihero on the screen, it will do much to make a really strong, memorable first entry into what will hopefully be a franchise if the villain is equally as interesting as our protagonist.

If you're with me on that, then you should be pleased at what actor Ed Skrein, who is playing villain, Ajax, in the film, had to say to IGN during a conversation with them at Comic-Con.

First, he gave us an idea of the plot structure and how the action of the movie would be framed:

The film runs in kind of two halves, like a soccer game. The first-half is me attacking; the second-half is more him attacking in some ways. But it's not that simple.

Then he referenced a few of the boxing's most famous rivalries as he described the Deadpool/Ajax relationship in detail:

It's a great relationship Ajax and Deadpool have – it's a wonderful dynamic. A lot of the time we talked in terms of the great boxers: Muhammad Ali and George Foreman or Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier. Muhammad Ali is dancing around, whispering in his ear, trying to get to him, get under his skin, which is what Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Ryan do so brilliantly. Ajax is that juggernaut, just like Joe Frazier, just focused on this job and hunting him down and pounding away, like a bulldozer.

I find that comparison really interesting, don't you? It gives me more confidence that Ajax won't just be a two-dimensional villain type, but a fully fleshed-out protagonist that is a worthy adversary for Deadpool.

You can check out the full video of the interview below:

It's also comforting to see just how much knowledge and love the people involved with Deadpool have for the characters and original source material. Says Skrein, who has been a comic book reader since childhood, it's not something he'll ever take for granted:

I was a superhero geek when I was young. I used to go to the comic-book conventions. It's literally the dream job.

Deadpool is in theaters on February 12, 2016.


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