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From Disney's Girl Meets World to ABC's Fuller House, there are so many '90s shows whose reboots would just be the bomb! Why is this approach to TV shows so successful? Adults who watched these shows are in for the obvious nostalgia factor. They also watch the new shows with their own children which can be a fun, rewarding experience for both generations. So what's up next for '90's reboots? Here are a few that I think would be mad tight!

1. Saved by the Bell (1989-1993)

Oink oink, baby!
Oink oink, baby!

If you weren't crushing on Kelly Kapowski or completely envying Lisa Turtle's awesome fashion sense then you either weren't born yet or were just completely oblivious to the popular culture of this epic decade. This show follows the crew throughout their years at Bayside High School with tons of laughs and certainly plenty of mischief! A reboot could take place in the same school with their children (sort of like Girl Meets World) or even just the original cast living their adult lives with their children. As long as at least of a few of the originals make regular appearances, this show could be dope!

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

Now this is the story...
Now this is the story...

Maybe not a reboot, but a spin-off series following Carlton, the O.G. of Bel-Air could be the next step for The Fresh Prince. Alfonso Ribeiro still has Carlton's sweet moves as evident in his run on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, on which he won the coveted mirror ball trophy. I could also picture Joseph Marcell reprising his role as Geoffrey, the butler, in a this new series. You may never have gotten over the recasting of Aunt Viv, but hey, give it a chance!

3. Sister, Sister (1994-1999)


Sister, Sister was just one of those shows you had to watch whenever reruns were on! The adorable Mowry sisters brought their own unique personalities to this awesome show which could certainly work for a reboot. With both now married with children, a new series could feature the twins, both with twins of their own and how they deal with the mischief that comes with having two identical children. Appearances from Lisa and Ray would be incredible to see since they'd be interacting with their grandchildren. Seeing Tia and Tamera trying to deal with the shenanigans they themselves would try to pull when they were younger could be awesome as well!

So what's the dealio?

With the recent trend of '90s reboots, these shows should certainly make the cut! The real question is should networks even be relying on reboots and spin-offs or should they just come up with new ideas?


Would these reboots or spin-offs be wicked awesome or not so much?


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