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The steady stream of Arrow excitement is slowly ramping up as filming for Season 4 continues, and this week, one curious host managed to squeeze just a little bit more info about the future of the show out of showrunner Mark Guggenheim. On this week's DC All Access, Guggenheim touched on the subject of the Green Arrow Weapons Clans, admitting:

Yeah, we've talked about it. We've absolutely talked about it. It comes up in the writers' room all the time, and Katana was just introduced. We're just waiting for the right story to tell ... We'd love to do the Arrow clans and eventually, I'm sure they will end up on the show.

In the comics, the weapon clans were part of the eight clans that made up The Outsiders. The particularly interesting thing about this storyline, if they chose to run along the lines of the group's storyline, is the clan's founder himself: Oliver's father, Robert Queen, the possible inclusion Oliver's half-sister, Emiko (though her comic book mother, Shado, was a former lover of Oliver's before her death in Arrow).

Komodo, who has already appeared on the show, has also been part of the clan -- so it would be interesting to see exactly how the showrunners plan to bring this together, and if any familiar faces will show up. While it looks like we won't see many hints of the clan in Season 4, having the reassurance to tide us over certainly does help.


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