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With Supergirl starting in October, it seems very likely that we will see at least a guest appearance by Superman on the show. It has been confirmed that both Batman and Superman exist in the DC TV universe, so speculation on who could play them both is inevitable (to see who could play Batman, click here). Chances are that Henry Cavill himself wouldn't be Superman on TV (especially since the two universes aren't connected), so I would like to suggest 10 actors that could possibly live up to his reputation on TV.

1. Jared Padalecki

Come on, when you think of hunks on TV, Padalecki is usually first on the list. He's shown interest in playing the character, trying out for Superman Returns and being turned down (probably saving his career), and he has the perfect height and body for a massive character like Superman. A lot of people would argue that the Winchester Bros. are overused for everything and can't play every character under the sun, but isn't a TV Superman what Padalecki was made for? He's a TV actor with a muscular physique and a charming boy scout personality. He was born for this.

2. David Boreanaz

Boreanaz has been a fan favorite for Superman since the 90's, and after voicing the character several times, we want to see him in live action. Yes, David is a little older, but he still has the strong build and charming look for Superman. While David does have the potential to do this role in a movie, TV seems like his best bet as of late. His career is restricted to basically just Bones (which sucks now by the way), and Cavill is keeping the role of Superman locked in tight for the future. It's in your best interest to take the role David, just take the role.

3. Matt Bomer

After Matt Bomer got beat out by Cavill for Man of Steel, and still being somewhat of a TV actor, he could give us a TV Superman fit for a movie. Yes, everyone in the world has used Matt Bomer as Superman, but that just goes to show that it needs to happen. He's shown interest for the role, he's a familiar face that the audience and the big shots of DCTV know and love, and he screams everything about Superman. Let's just hope they don't pass him over this time.

4. Zachary Levi

Loki being a creeper.
Loki being a creeper.

I think it's a universal geek code that everyone must love Zachary Levi. The dude has the build of a superhero (playing Fandral in Thor: The Dark World), he has the charming and charismatic personality for Superman, and he's still doing a lot of TV despite his movie success. While Levi is a very busy man, juggling two regular TV shows, multiple guest appearances, and at least one movie, I think that he would do whatever possible to be able to play Superman. The reason everyone loves Zach so much is that he's just a regular geek, and would never pass up the chance to play any superhero. If the DCTV executives have any sense, then they would undoubtedly offer the role to this man.

5. Joe Manganiello

Yeah, that guy could definitely play Superman. Joe tried out for the role in Man of Steel, and of course got beat by Cavill. That shouldn't say anything about Joe as an actor or his potential in this role, however. Even though both Manganiello and Bomer got beat by Cavill, they are amazing actors, and a good fit for this role. While Joe has been a rising star, and hasn't done hardly any TV after True Blood, he's shown interest in playing this character, and would possibly do a few guest appearances.

6. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

While Waldau has mostly done major cable television roles, and some movies, there's a chance that he'd play Superman. It's not very likely that he would want a guest appearance on CBS, but you have to remember that we're talking about a chance to play the most iconic superhero ever. Literally everyone knows who Superman is, and a chance to play him could be the role of a lifetime, even if it is just on TV. To Nikolaj himself now, he has the body and facial features for Superman, and he could be the best TV Superman yet.

7. Nathan Fillion

Everyone wants Fillion to play Green Lantern so bad, that we've all just overlooked his potential as Superman. Now, I would never suggest Nathan as Superman for a movie, but a guest TV role could be just his speed. He has the perfect hair, the charm and facial features, and even though his body is lacking, he's not in the worst shape. As long as Fillion could fill in the suit (see what I did there?), he could be great in the role.

8. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm could give a much different Superman than Cavill has. He's not a very large or muscular man, but instead looks and can act the part well. Hamm just finished his famous TV series Mad Men, and could take on another long running endeavor or just a guest appearance. It could be a risk to let Hamm have the part, but if he could be believed body wise, then he would nail the role.

9. Jim Caviezel

While I believe that Caviezel would make a better Batman, he does have Superman potential. I don't know what it is about this man, but he just has the soft-spoken ability to play any character. He has the perfect voice for Superman, he doesn't look that far off from the Son of Krypton, and he is in great shape considering his age. If they wouldn't mind a Superman that's a good bit older than Supergirl, then Jim would be the perfect candidate.

10. Alex O'Loughlin

Another actor I would rather play Batman, O'Loughlin also has a lot of Superman potential. He looks like the Man of Steel, he has the perfect body for the role, and he's an amazing actor. I feel like he could deliver the darker Superman that we're seeing in the movies, but at the same time he could pull off the charming boy scout that Superman usually is.

Honorable Mention: John Krasinski

While I would love to see Krasinski as Superman, he hasn't made a name for himself in the action community just yet. He has the potential to make a good Superman, but he doesn't have the facial features to match, and his body isn't spectacular. Green Lantern instead maybe?


Who do you think would make a better TV Superman?


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