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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Free DLC Look Back (Inc. New Game PLUS)

Over the past few months since the games release CD Projekt Red have been giving us a whole bunch of free DLC. This initially was to make a statement against the steeply priced DLC we see these days.

All of the free DLC are available for all systems the The Witcher 3 is currently on.

These included:

Temerian Armor Set

The first DLC added a set of Temerian Armour that could be bought from the merchant in the starting location of White Orchard. This was great starting armour for Geralt that also included a set of armour for Roach, his horse. The look of the armour was a nod to previous games in the Witcher series.

Beard And Hairstyle Set

The Beard and Hairstlye set was the second DLC. It added new options to choose from when you visited barbers. It raised the total number of hairs styles to six and number of beard styles to five.

Contract: Missing Miners

The third DLC was a new contract quest : Missing Miners. It can be found in Blandre on Ard Skellig. This is another contract quest that has Geralt investigating the disappearance of some local miners. Its suggested level is around the 27 mark.

Alternative Look For Yennefer

This is as simple as it sounds. It provided the Raven haired sorceress with a new outfit. All the new looks for characters in the game can be disabled from the menu.

Nilfgaardian Armor Set

The Nilfgaardian armour set was the fifth DLC for the witcher 3. It can be purchased in the Crows Perch in Velen. This black armour set also comes with matching horse armour and equipment for Roach. It was okay for low and mid level players but compared to later gear it didn’t cut it.

Elite Crossbow Set

The sixth DLC was the Elite Crossbow Set. It added three new crossbows to the game that can be bought from various merchants across Novigrad, Velen and Skellige Isles. These crossbows were on average better than the majority of crossbows, save the high level ones.

Fool’s Gold Quest

The sevenths piece of free DLC was a quest called Fool’s Gold found near Lurtch in Velen. A low level quest that was kind of disturbing and funny at the same time.

Ballad Heroes – Gwent Card Set

The 8th DLC came in the form of Ballad Heroes that contained 10 new skins for the 10 neutral Gwent cards.

Wolf School Gear

The 9th DlC was the Wolf School Gear. It was a scavenger hunt quest that allows you to find pieces of gear from the school of the wolf. Upgraded the gear is very good and if you read the notes would find an interesting story within them. Personally this was one of my favourite DLCs.

Alternative Look for Triss

Similar to the alternative look for Yennefer, the tenth free DLC came in the form of a nice alternative look for Triss. Like with Yennefers alternative look you can turn Triss’s new outfit off in the menus.

Skellige Armour Set

The 11th piece of DLC contained a mean looking set of armour that provides some of the best protection in the game. This armour set is the Skellige Undvik Armour Set and also came with a matching horse set for Roach.

Contract : Skellige’s Most Wanted

The 12th DLC came in the form of another contract quest, Skellige’s Most Wanted.

Quest : Where the Cat and Wolf Play

The 13th DLC was another new quest for players to take on. It was called Where the Cat and Wolf Play. It involves an encounter with a Witcher from the school of the Cat. Quests that involve other witcher schools always grab my eye, making this an interesting DLC.

Alternative Look For Ciri

The 14th free DLC was an alternative look for Ciri. Just like with Yenifer and Triss, this gave Ciri a more warrior-like set of armour. Again you can turn the alternative look off in the menus.

New Finisher Animations

The 15th free DLC came in the form of new finisher animations for Geralt.

So the final Free DLC is around the corner. CD Projekt RED have announced that it will introduce a new game plus option. Some players have craved this and it should give us some more longevity to this already massively sized game. Alas, CD Projekt Red have limited the information regarding new game plus but I hope that they will give us tougher foes with a higher level cap. Also I hope that it will give players the option to switch to a harder difficulty. Failbunny for example, wished she had started on Deathmarch difficulty like I did. With New Game Plus I hope this will allow her to do so from the start of the new game plus, unlocking the achievement for playing the game on the hardest difficulty.

At this point CD Projekt RED have not given us a release date for the last free DLC.

We have been told that they also included language packs as well as various patches to fix bugs and even add new content like patch 1.07's alternate movement animation for Geralt and the introduction of the storage box.

There are also 2 expansions planned for the Witcher 3. They should be about the same length as the Witcher 2 so they will be fairly beefy. The first of these expansions is supposed to be Heart of Stone which is due for Oct 15. The second is Blood and Wine and that is due to be released in the first quarter of 2016. They won’t be free but given their intended size I can see why. I don’t want to guess their prices but seeing as the season pass is almost £20 in the UK I can imagine the individual expansions being around £10 to £15 each so somewhere between $10 to $20 for folks in the US.

Putting all of these free DLCs together clearly shows how much CD Projekt RED care for their game and its fans. I just hope that other developers follow their example.

Be sure to check out the video below for a summary of this article as well as what some of this DLC looks like in action.


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