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Ant-man is the latest Marvel movie to hit the big screens. As usual me and a group of friends set to watch as novice Marvel fans. Overall the film is a fun and entertaining family film. But that's exactly what it is a family film those hoping for a Marvel film along the lines of Captain America 2 may be very disappointed. However it's not all doom and gloom for Ant-Man, if we respect it for what it is. I will now break down each character and what they contribute to the film.

Scott Lang aka Ant-Man- the main character of the flick is often to cheesy but it works however some of his pals get the better lines which makes paul Rudd performance sometimes bland and lacklustre. The character works but I am very unsure how he will fit in with the avengers scott is an outsider and a crook I don't see him and the good good captain America exchanging notes over safe cracking. Overall I amexited to see what is next for this character and do want Scott Lang to return.

Hope van-dyne- this character is without a doubt my favourite my only frustration is one which is shared by hope "Just let her have the suit". I really want hope to return especially now after the end credit scene. If she is to return I think she must be allowed to move forward and later become a hero hopefully before infinity wars.

Out of five I would give Ant-man a three and a half I hope ant-man returns with many more skills an a more advance knowledge of his powers. I look forward to seeing the characters in future films. I would recommend any family's with a thrust for heroes to check out this film.


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