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Souk Khanhsila

When does 3D become a gimmick? This idea has resonated with me from the first time I saw a movie in 3D, "Avatar" an ok movie ripped off from other countless copies of ok movies, "Dances with Wolves," "The Last Samuria" and so on. Did 3D help propel "Avatar" into the stratosphere with its higher ticket prices, who cares. I'm here to talk about the headache inducing, small dimples on the ridge of your nose and lets not forget about how stupid we look with glasses on in the dark. With the exception of Cory Hart and the Terminator. Although I'm guilty of this crime on a few occasions as I'm sure we all are.

I recently saw "Ant man" in 3D, the standard version wasn't showing at the desired time, how convenient. 3D or not, a crappy movie is a crappy movie, I rather walk out a bad movie without having to rub my eyes, although some films are able to cause the same problem without 3D glasses. "Ant man" was enjoyable, but did the third viewing angle help the movie at all, No. It was still a basic Marvel movie you'll enjoy and forget about soon as the lights flood the theater.

A few days earlier I watched "Ex Machina" and before that "Chappie." Given the A.I. themed stories. I found "Ex Machina" to be the most thought provoking of the three. "Chappie" was a close second and "Ant Man" was not even in the same area code. Before we start an argument, yes these are all very different movies but they still fall into my idea of what I want from a movie. "Ant Man" did its job of entertaining me for a short period of time, the best parts were Micheal Pena's goofiness which reminded me of his role in "30 Minutes or less". This isn't about terrible movies in 3D, its the focus of films we the people choose to support. "Fastfood films." Hollywood will keep churning out crappy movies and converting them into 3D and we'll keep going and hoping it'll be what we wish 3D could be.

3D has also infiltrated our homes but not at the same rate as theaters. I'm not against 3D by any means. 3D is similar to a drunken fun night. It's all blurry but you're enjoying yourself and when your vision returns you start to wonder how you ended up with this random person with questionable traits you would never be attracted to if you were sober.

That's what's fun about 3D, the pictures do pop and somewhat feel like 3D, if I tried very hard to imagine all the action was going on in front of my eyes. Sorry, its just an OK 3D image. Give me story, characters I want to give a shit about and minus all the out of focus moments and keep the in your face explosion's for VR. I can't wait for glassless 3D films and games. The joy of being in the story as it happens around you. Pictures float in mid air not pop out of a screen. A place where recycling your glasses was a bad joke. A film with full visual and auditory exposure enough to move emotions, wait we do have that. It's called great story telling.

When that new great tech arrives, ill be there waiting with open arms but till then we'll have to keep going out on blurred dates or choose the standard, that's why it's called "the standard," it won't be replaced anytime soon. Technology is still lagging behind human imagination.


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