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That's right the half-god half-human warrior is coming back. He is also going to have some welcome changes to his character in that he will be bisexual.

He appeared on the list of upcoming Marvel teasers that Bleeding Cool ran during San Diego Comic Con. With this news, does that mean that all of them will be coming true?

CBR has the exclusive news from Marvel PR of a new Hercules comic book series by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross starring the Greek God as part of Marvel lore.

Hercules also has the honour of being a rare thing at Marvel Comics, a bisexual male. While the character has had his own comic before, that aspect had not been revealed at that point.

Hercules doing what he does best.

Whether or not that aspect of his life will be explored is a different story. But you could read it into this quote from Abnett if you so wished,

This is not a grim and gritty take on Hercules. It’s going to be triumphantly celebratory of everything that Hercules has ever been, but it is him cutting back to basics and going, “Right, I need to get my act together again and prove that I’m a serious warrior and hero.”

So Hercules is back and bisexual. Credit to Marvel for embracing positive gay role models.


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