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Dark Knights of their own domains...

Batman and Lego Batman are two of the most well respected and beloved characters in hero history. Given their similar skill-set, I thought it would be interesting to assess who would ultimately win in a showdown.

Known for their intellect, versatility, and gadgets, these two may seem the same, but there are some key differences that could make or break the fight for either of them.


In actuality, Lego Batman would be even smaller.
In actuality, Lego Batman would be even smaller.

Since it can be assumed that Lego Batman stands at the standard Lego Man size of 1 and 1’2”, he would be no match for Batman’s 6’2” frame.

Lego Batman's size could give him the element of surprise, though I don't see Batman getting fooled into a sneak attack by Lego Batman.

Edge: Batman


Batman is as tough as they come. He's been able to walk away from his fair share of wars, however, fighting takes a toll on his body, and he's not impervious to pain.

Lego Batman, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry about damaging bone or soft tissue. Batman would need to break a joining peg, but that would only separate the body parts, not stop them from moving altogether, since Lego Batman can have his limbs disconnected while still retaining movement.

Short of being melted, I can’t see Lego Batman going down for good.

Edge: Lego Batman


Depending on the Batsuit were talking about, it generally doesn't provide much mobility, but Lego Batman has a double disadvantage with his Lego man body. Batman would easily outrun Lego Batman, giving him more time to retreat and strategize.

I wouldn’t call it a total flush, since Lego Batman would use his intellect to devise an effective strategy, but Batman has that same intellect, so it’s hard to determine the outcome.

Edge: Tie


Having the same resources as each other, both of their gadgets would be the same, including vehicles. The problem for Lego Batman lies in projectile and edged weapons. The lack of a sharp edge on Legos would turn his edged weapons into blunt-force weapons, and projectiles would come in the form of the red nub piece.

Luckily Lego Batman doesn’t rely on guns, otherwise they would be 0% effective.

Edge: Batman

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Given what we know about Lego Batman’s durability, stepping on him wouldn’t do much except slow him down. Punches for both would be rendered useless as well, Lego Batman being too small to pack a powerful blow, and also too small to get a good hit on.

Edge: Tie


It's was much closer than I thought it would be, but there's a definite winner between the two.

At the end of the day, Batman could easily cut or melt Lego Batman, or at the very least contain him. When you think about how easy that would be, it seems kind of stupid to even compare them :\

What do you think? Did I get it wrong?


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