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Wes Anderson has a knack for writing terrible fathers. Not terribly written, mind you, but terrible at being fathers. Sometimes they learn their lesson, sometimes they don't. Today, were looking at the 4 best fathers at being terrible fathers in Wes Anderson films. I could only think of four fathers prominent enough to make an impact, and I haven't seen the Darjeeling Limited, so, I won't include that, Rushmore, Grand Budapest Hotel or Bottle Rocket. Let's go.

4. Best Father: Steve Zissou

Ok, Best Father is not exactly what I'd describe Steve Zissou normally. But, he really tries to be a good father. He even admits he didn't want to be a father to Ned, but he takes responsibility and asks Ned to join his crew. I feel he would be a much better father if he got to grow with Ned, but given the circumstances he's dished, Steve actually isn't that bad. Even when Ned starts a relationship with Steve's crush and neglects his duty while pirates board the ship, he forgives him. He's not a bad dad, but he could use some lessons.

3. Second Best Father: Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is not a great dad. But, considering the other two, at least his goal is to help his family. Sure, he belittles Ash, but he's trying to put it lightly and he's kind of naive toward his son's strife. I mean, he's a great uncle to Kristofferson, and in the end he learns his lesson and becomes a good dad, but he is no FOTY.

2. Second Worst Father: Walt Bishop

The second and final time Bill Murray appears on this list, Walt Bishop is, admittedly, not given the best scenario. Finding out your only daughter has a steamy relationship with her pen pal, and then finding them sleeping together would make us all flip out. But, he just doesn't believe that his daughter is unhappy, and he doesn't even seem to care that they connect amazingly. And in the end, it kind of seems like he didn't really learn his lesson. But, his marriage is in shambles, and it's pretty hard seeing your little girl grow up, and he does care about his kids no matter what.

1. Worst Father: Royal Tenenbaum

Like anyone else had a chance of taking the top spot. He was the original bad dad in Wes Anderson films. Forget all of his last years in life, forget his treating of Ari and Uzi, forget his finally divorcing Etheline so she could be happy, forget him finally connecting with his children. Because for his fifty plus years prior, he was a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel. He stole from Chas, he made sure Margot remembered se was adopted, he cared about Raleigh's well being over Margot's (though admittedly, Margot was cheating on Raleigh, but still) he just treated his family as people to fall back on. But that's what makes him so good. That's what makes Steve, Mr. Fox and Walt so good. These four may not be parenting experts, but they learn, or try to learn, and truly have affection for their children. Wes Anderson, you know how to capture fathers, you beautiful genius.


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