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(WARNING: Spoilers. There are some character and plot related details below for super popular film franchises, most of which have ended. Continue at your own risk.)

Every movie tries to make us love the main good guy, but occasionally the movie fails at this one easy job. Perhaps it's the protagonist's actions, motives, dialogue, or something else, some people just aren't cut out to be heroes. If at the end of a movie, the protagonist wins and all you can hear around you in the crowded theater is a collective moan, you know that the hero was awful. Even if a movie tries so desperately hard to elicit any kind of emotion from its audience in regards to the hero, if the only emotion is that of despise, the movie has not accomplished one of its primary goals. Sure, in some movies the main character is meant to be a jerk, a complete idiot, or an all around bad person, but even so sometimes we fall in love with those types of characters (Looking at you Han Solo and Jack Sparrow). No, what I have gathered below is a list of heroes that should have been amazing, but ended up doing more harm than good.

Bella Swan (Twilight Trilogy)

Bella Swan, one of the characters in cinema that thinks being in an abusive controlling relationship is awesome! She constantly makes bad decisions, sits around moping, can't hold an intelligent conversation, and overall has a total lack of emotion. Since Twilight we've seen much more emotion out of Kristen Stewart and she seems to be a role model for people across the world. Unfortunately, her character Bella was one of the worst things about the Twilight trilogy. Maybe it was Stewart's fault, maybe it was the script, maybe it was the director, whatever the case may be normal moviegoers left the theater feeling absolutely nothing for our emotionless heroine.

Sam Witwicky (Transformers)

This character was so awful he was actually replaced by Mark Wahlburg in his own franchise. Sam went through three movies making horrible decsions that endangered himself, his family, his friends, the Autobots - pretty much everybody. He always needs to be saved by Bumblebee or Optimus Prime or one of the other autobots, because in a movie about giant sentient machines, one idiotic human can't do much good. The only emotion Sam was able to get out of any audience member was hatred. Almost everybody hates Sam and when Shia LeBeouf wore a bag over his face proclaiming that he wasn't famous anymore it turned out his audience members were just as ready to forget about him.

Spider-Man (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy)

Everybody has very strong feelings about the latest Spider-man reboot. Some think Andrew Garfeild should've returned, some thing Toby Macguire should've donned the mask again, and some people just think the reboot should have never happened. This particular Spider-man from the original trilogy, however, was actually a horrible superhero. After getting his powers, Peter's first move is to go jumping off of rooftops, then he gets involved in costumed wrestling, then he fails to stop the murder of his uncle, and then finally (after everything) he decides to become a hero.

Unfortunately, he's not very good at being a superhero. The whole point of the mask is so that your enemy doesn't know who you are. However, Spider-Man has a hard time hiding his secret identity, seeing as every villain he ever faced managed to figure it out and threaten his family/girlfriend. And that's just the tip of the iceberg as to why this Spider-man was horrible at being a hero. He was a horrible fighter (his first two enemies killed themselves), he was selfish, he constantly endangered the general public, and most regrettably he had that awkward goth phase in the third movie. For most people, the only reaction Spider-man got out of his fans was people angrily shouting "Put on your mask!"

Aang (The Last Airbender)

Fans of the hit Nickelodeon television show had high hopes for this movie adaptation. Unfortunately, the movie was terrible; it was just down right awful, nothing about it was any good. The worst part about the movie wasn't the villian, it wasn't the special effects, it wasn't the story, it was Aang. Nothing about his character was likable, he was just a kid who could move the air around a little bit. Most of M. Night Shyamalan's movies are great, however, The Last Airbender is easily one of the worst commercial films of all time. Aang's biggest claim to fame was making his audience repeatedly facepalm over his stupidity.

Harry Potter (Harry Potter Franchise)

Perhaps a rather unpopular choice, but as much as I love the Harry Potter movies, I can't help but realize that Harry Potter is a horrible person. Overall, the main problem with Harry Potter as a person is how selfish he is. Hundreds of people risk their lives for him everyday, and really he does nothing to show his appreciation. Also, the real hero of the story is not Harry but his friend Hermione. He's constantly getting himself in dangerous situations, and isn't a very clever or powerful wizard, so he has to rely on Hermione to get him out of trouble. Sure he might have won the Triwizard competition, but let's not forget he got help every step of the way and only won because Voldemort wanted him to. Now that we think about it, had harry not had his friends around he'd be dead in the first movie, dead again in the second, again in the third, and so on. Let's just be grateful there were plenty of other great characters throughout the movie we would fall in love with.

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