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I watched the Blade trilogy through again recently and it got me thinking. Blade is eerily similar to Batman. And that could translate into Rocksteady studios making a great game on Blade. Here are 3 reasons why.


Not detailed at all I know. But the way Blade commits himself to hunting vampires is similar to the way Batman wants to fight crime. And their origins are reasonably similar to. Blade's mother got bitten which led to her dying through giving birth to Blade. He hunted vampires after discovering this. Bruce Wayne saw his parents die. Blade has a great origin for Rocksteady to explore.


One of the things that made the Arkham games so successful were the bone crushing melee attacks in the free flow system. And with Blade being arguably an even better fighter than Batman imagine the damage he could do before putting them out of their misery. Its pretty obvious how he would destroy them. In the first fight scene of the first film Blade used silver bullets and two bullets which could set things ablaze. Later, he used his silver sword and EDTA which blew up the enemy. This combat could be even better than Arkham's.

Character, Emotions

Blade's character is different than most. While Batman does find love, Blade usually has to figure out what emotions are before falling in love. Spiderman has Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, Batman has Catwoman and Wonder Woman, even the alien (Superman) has Lois Lane. And to top it off he wants to kill enemies. He has a great origin, but also a great phyche to delve in to.

These are my 3 reasons for Blade being the next Rocksteady project.


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