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Remember the opening montage from the movie Up? Of course you do because chances are it shattered your heart into a million pieces. Heck, if you're anything like me then you might still be recovering. Well, as it turns out, the initial idea that would show audiences a roadmap of Carl and Ellie's love was a lot less gut-wrenching.

Before we see what almost was, let's take a look back at one of the shortest but greatest cinematic love stories. Now would be the time to grab some tissues.

Amazing how they were able to draw so much emotion in just a few short minutes.

In the original planning of the film, what ended up being Carl and Ellie's mutual love of adventure was actually a ongoing punching game between the pair that eventually turned into true love. Here's what the earlier story looked like:

Carl tried to catch a bird...

Ellie, who loves birds, punches him to get him to stop

From then on, the pair punch each other every chance they get...

Trick or treating wasn't safe

It was worth risking getting stuck in a locker just to prove a point

Christmas plays were not exempt from the punch game...

And neither was doing chores around the house

This game between them goes on for years and eventually results in Carl realizing that his feelings for Ellie go much deeper than wanting to give her a good love-tap every so often.

From then on, Carl and Ellie's relationship blossoms and goes through a number of ups and downs. The rest of the montage plays out somewhat similar to the story we all know now, and even has some of the same scenes.

The video in this link shows what their young rivalry turned love might have looked like had it done better with test audiences. Start around the one minute mark to see the original storyboards, and at about the four minute mark to see where the earlier married life montage picks up.

When she passes, she even gives Carl one light, loving sucker punch in the arm just to remind us how much they've been through.

Personally, I'm glad they went with the changes they made. Carl and Ellie's love story is one that plays out beautifully and will always resonate with audiences as serious relationship goals.

(Source: Pixar, Huffington Post)


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