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I remember a couple of years ago, reading on the internet, that Disney was planning on doing a sequel/spin-off of "Boy Meets World." I was born in 1983, so this was a show I grew up on. I also, basically grew up with the characters and the actors as well, since they were about my age. So when "Girl Meets World" came around I was curious about it, as I'm sure all fans of the original were. I have seen every episode so far. It's a little like seeing old friends again and getting caught up on their lives.

This year it was announced another 90's sitcom was getting a sequel/spin-off. Next year Netflix will debut "Fuller House" with Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and Jodie Sweetin reprising their "Full House" roles respectively. Other "Full House" members will be making appaerces as well. So, this got me to thinking: what if they did sequel/spin-offs of other 90's shows? Below are some of my ideas for what shows they could do and how they could do them.

The Urkels

A sequel/spin-off Of the hit sitcom, "Family Matters" with Jaleel White returning as Steven Q. Urkel and Kellie Shanygne Williams returning as long time love and wife Laura Winslow Urkel. The show would focus on Steve as a college professor and wife Laura as a Middle school teacher. They have three kids: fifteen year old son, Einstein "Einie" Urkel, who takes after his father in both brains and clumsiness. Excpect him to utter the Urkel family motto every now and then: "Did I do that?". Middle son thirteen year old Carl Edward "C.E." Urkel is nothing like his father or older brother. He's more focused on trying to be cool and getting pat the Urkel "nerd" image. Their 10 year old daughter is named Judy. Named after the sister Laura use to imagine having. She's a tomboy who plays basketball and while she wants to be a good student, she doesn't obsess over her grades like big brother Einie does. Retired cop Grandpa Carl could make an appearance or two. It would be great to see Steve's former girlfriend, Myra, make the occasional appearance, but sadly Michelle Thomas, who portrayed the role from 1993-1998 passed away in December of 1998.

One Step Back

Sequel/spin-off to "Step By Step," with Christine Lakin reprising her role as Alicia "Al" Lambert and Patrick Duffy reprising his role as father Frank. After a messy divorce, Al and her eight year old son, Trenton, move back in with her widowed father. Staci Keanan would reprise her role as step-sister/best friend Dana Foster along with husband Rich Halke (she chose to keep her maiden name) with Jason Marsden returning to the role. Al faces the difficulty with raising a young son on her own (albeit with help from Frank) while trying to hold down a job and getting her life back in order.


"Carlton" is the sequel/spin-off of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," with Alfonso Ribeiro returning to his most famous role. This series finds Carlton following in his late father's footsteps in law. The premiere episode finds Carlton trying to make partner in his law firm. He's married to Colleen, a some what vain woman but she has a heart of gold. They have two kids. Fifteen year old daughter, Macy, who's self centered and greedy, and twelve year old Tommy, named after his favorite singer, Tom Jones. Tommy is nothing like his father, as he aspires to be a famous rapper one day. Rounding out the main cast is housekeeper, Alberta. A fiftyish woman with an attitude similar to Carlton's former butler, Geoffrey. And if you're wondering if the "Carlton Dance" would be will.

Those are the possible sequel/spin-offs I came up with. What do you think? Can you think of any others?


Which sequel/spin-off would you like to see most?


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