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You gotta leave something behind to go forward

Earlier in the month, while playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, the topic of Solomon Grundy came up. I wondered why the Warner Bros. and DC decided to end his appearance in the show, but the only reply I was able to get was that "nobody liked him."

Now, I find that quite hard to believe, because Solomon Grundy was one of the few hints of the supernatural in the DC Universe, alongside spirits and ghouls like Deadman.

History of Solomon Grundy

In the New 52 continuation of the DC comics, Solomon Grundy was alive in the late 1800's as a peasant working at a butcher's shop. His boss seemed to have molested Grundy's wife, and slit her throat when he had discovered she was yelling it across the town. Thus the dark and menacing style of NEw 52 begins (which I love). Grundy's boss makes him dispose of the murder weapon, a meat cleaver (which is typically seen in depictions of Grundy) and his wife's corpse at a swamp. Frenzied with vengeance, Grundy clasped the meat cleaver and travels back to the butcher's shop and begins hacking and cleaving away at his boss and co-workers. He was to kill himself to join his wife in the afterlife, but it's speculated that the lullaby he sang while attempting to end his life would shadow him for eternity, binding him to the very swamp of which he buried his wife in.

In Shadow of the Bat released in 1995, the origin story of Solomon Grundy was not actually a man named Solomon Grundy. Silas Gold was a prominent figure in Gotham's early industrial stages but was framed for a crime so horrible that he was killed in a swamp--but was somehow kept alive and given supernatural powers hundreds of years later (magical swamp?). When asked what his name was, he said "I have no name! I was...born on a Monday" reminding the campers of an old lullaby, coining the name Solomon Grundy.

He even appeared in Arkham City, detained by the Penguin by a series of chains and weights.

Powers of Grundy

Aside from his grueling history, Grundy's powers set him apart from the rest of the villains. Aside from super strength (posing a threat to superman even) Grundy is known to reach into his stomach (yes, disgusting) and pull out projectiles to throw, like tombstones and meat cleavers.

What is the point of Grundy?

In short, Grundy is not one of the type to "watch the world burn" or rob banks like many other Batman and JL villains. He only appears to beat on the Batman as Batman is known to put a beating on him, in fact I think the only reason Grundy is evil is because of how assaulted he is, but for a man who has lost everything, his motives aren't very intricate like the other batman villains.

Towards his end, he and Hawkgirl had some kind of weird thing going on, (I think just about everyone had mixed feelings) but then again, Hawkgirl's main conflict was quite literally choosing boyfriends in the show.

Death of Grundy

But let's get down to it. In the TV show it seemed like Grundy died because he was squished by some eyeless demented Orca with lobster claws, after ripping its claw off and stabbing it in the neck to its death, but the resolution might have been one of the most touching moments in DC history. Grundy had given up his eternal life of hate and decided to fight alongside tthe Justice League to do some good, and his reward for that was his curse being lifted and him being allowed into the afterlife, justly, which is what he wanted all along.

If I can recall correctly, Grundy was the only villain to switch sides throughout the show, and perhaps that's what DC needed to do. But of course, there's always the possibility that the voice actor wanted to quit. :)

Let me know what you guys think! Did not put much external research into the topic, forgive any mistakes.


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