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When I first encountered a Pop Vinyl I was skeptical. Initially, I thought they were just creepy little toys no one in their right mind would buy. Well, now, as a proud owner of 3 Pop Vinyls (with plans for more), I can say I was definitely wrong! These figurines have exploded in stores and across the internet! It seems like every week there is a new line of dolls, and basically every store has them! (Disney Store, Hot Topic, Game Stop...etc)

Two of the main reasons that the Funko Pop Vinyls are so popular is that they have consistent aesthetic and an insane amount of variety. Every figure stands 3.75 inches tall--half of that height from their large heads. They each consist of pupil-less black eyes (with a few exceptions like, for example, Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and a square shaped head with rounded edges. This uniformity adds to the uniqueness of the brand. The immense variety is also a definite contributor to the popularity. With over 100 licenses, there is something for everyone! Everything from Movies and Television to WWE and the NFL. There is even a whole line of Stan Lee in various outfits.

'nuff said
'nuff said

For the Superhero fan...

For the Disney fan...

For the Harry Potter fan...

For the Rock lover...

For the John Hughes fan...

There are just so many Funko Pop Vinyls! These barely scratch the surface of their plethora of merchandise!

Life goals...!
Life goals...!

If you want to check out just how much stuff they have for yourself, click here!


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