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Carter Gonzalez

Dear Christian & Yvon Tremblay,

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is my favorite show, created by the Tremblay Bros. & produced by Hanna-Barbera. They premiered on TBS on September 11th, 1993 in the pilot episode called "The PastMaster always rings twice". The show ran for two seasons before being shot down by Ted Turner, a special episode was released called "The SWAT Kats: A Special Report". Ted Turner cancelled the show saying it was "too violent." Why did you have to bust our nuts? Fox Kids has Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and it has violence & you don't see the owner busting Saban's Nuts. It was until this year, on New Year's Day. I was sleeping and then I had this weird dream that the SWAT Kats were getting a Revival campaign on Kickstarter and then I woke up thinking it was a dream and then I saw a trailer for SWAT Kats: Revolution on Kickstarter and it was then that I realized my dream is coming true. We are past our goal to reach $50,000.00. We are near $100,000.00 and that would be cool. I am Happy that T-Bone, Razor & the TurboKat will fly over MegaKat City once more! I hope the Original Cast come back to reprise their roles & I'm sure you are all aware that our own Gary Owens the Voice of Commander Ulysses Feral has passed away. Gary Owens died after Complications with Type 1 Diabetes. He may be gone but his spirit will be remembered. R.I.P Gary Owens May 10th, 1934 to February 12th, 2015. I pray the SWAT Kats will come back sooner than we think! Thank you Christian & Yvon Tremblay for Creating them back in 1993 and if you didn't I wouldn't be writing this giant thank you note to the both of you. I can't wait for the Season Premiere of Season Three of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron & I would love to come up with the ideas for some new episodes. "Down these mean skies, a Kat must fly! We want to be the Good Guys!" T-Bone.


Your Loyalist Fan.

Carter J. Gonzalez


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