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The Flash season 1 surprised every one of us with its thrilling suspense, awesome screenplay and admirable direction indeed. The creators of Arrow did a wonderful job.

The Flash season 2 - speeding toward us
The Flash season 2 - speeding toward us

Now season 2 will air this fall. Here are 6 points that we must know :

Cisco is also a Metahuman:

Yes you herd it right, Cisco is a meta-human. During his last conversation with Dr. Harrison Wells in the finale, Dr. Wells or The Reverse Flash give the hint for the same.

He posses a power to see the events occouring in the alternate timeline. Yes, he used it in season 1 when he was killed by the Reverse Flash in the alternate timeline, he used to get flashes of the event of alternative timeline incident.

He will play a important role in explaining things occurring in alternative timelines and explaining the events.

Reverse Flash will return:

The creators of Flash have signed Tom Cavanagh for the season 2 so, we can see Reverse Flash in the season 2. We know it's possible as the time travel was the core of the season 1.

New Speedster:

New speedster may be the part of season 2. When the Reverse Flash returning back to his timeline using the wormhole opened by the Flash, we can see Jay Garrick's Helmet coming through the wormhole. Maybe he can be the part of season 2. This is gonna be fun !

Barry and Iris:


1) Eddie Thawne (Iris's boyfriend) died in the finale.

2) The newspaper from the future indicating Iris as Barry's wife.

These two things sum up that Barry and Iris will be seen in a relationship in season 2 sharing some chemistry onscreen. Don't worry Flash, you will get your girl.....

Reverse Flash's death will not revert the damage he had caused:

Though Reverse Flash got killed. Accordingly he never existed as his encestor Eddie killed himself and end the bloodline. As Reverse Flash never existed so, he never was there to kill Barry's mother. Therefore she should exist in the present timeline but this will not be the case, all damage caused by Reverse Flash won't revert back, no barry's mom in season 2.

Easter Egg:

When The Flash activate the wormhole for time travel, we saw series of timeliness. On the left was the past and on the left was the future. We can see Barry in handcuffs, a strange women in costume and many other things from the future. Yes, all those depicting future. Those showed some glimpses of season 2.

The Flash season 2 will be more thrilling, breathtaking and huge as compared to season 1. Get ready for another amazing season this fall. Humours are that the Flash will also likely to appear in Batman V/s Superman : The dawn of Justice.

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