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When most people think of Captain America, they think of the patriotic superhero from [The Avengers](tag:9040) played by Chris Evans. However, most people don't know why the character Captain America was created in the first place.

The first Captain America comic was made in March 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, one year into World War II and one year before the US joined the War. The comic wasn't just made as a new comics series though. It was made as a political stance on the war. Below is the first issue of the Captain America comic series. Take a look and see the political stance Simon and Kirby were taking:

Take that, Hitler!
Take that, Hitler!

Clearly, Simon and Kirby were not huge fans of the Nazis, as seen with Captain America punching the Nazi leader Hitler in the face. This was their way of speaking out against Nazi Germany. The US was not yet included in the War, but Simon and Kirby new that they would be joining soon. They wanted to speak their mind and take a stand against the horrific acts being committed in that country.

By the time the US entered the War, Captain America was a hit. It was not just the fact that he was a superhero, though. It was that he was patriotic too. Captain America inspired thousands of Americans to help win the war, if not by serving then by donating money for bullets and new weapons.

Cap also lifted spirits across the country. When things looked tough for the country (Pearl Harbor, etc.), a new Captain America comic was released to lift their spirits and prove how mighty America is. Sure, the US might get hit a couple times, but it would always stay on its feet and win the battles.

This scene from Captain America: The First Avenger makes a bit more sense now. It wasn't just telling Cap's story in the movie, but it was showing the role he played in real life:


Captain America was more than just a hero on the page. He inspired America and helped fight the emotional battles that the soldiers could not. He may be a big movie star now, but back in the day, Captain America was a true American war hero.

What is your favorite Captain America moment? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!



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