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It's the 4th of July, and what better way to celebrate the night (after the fireworks) than a late night double feature? The night's theme is obviously America, but it was an odd pairing of movies. First of the night is.....


Captain America! The definition of an American hero. This movie follows a plucky underdog who overcomes the odds and makes his way to become a big superhero and save America from the Red Skull, HYDRA, and the Nazis. There's even a scene where he (kinda) punches Adolf Hitler right in the freaking face! It's an inspiring movie that definitely embodies the idea of "The American Dream." It is an ideal way to start off your 4th of July themed movie night.

Now this next movie ties into America just as well. However, it is in a COMPLETELY different way than Captain America. The other film in this odd double feature is none other than.....


Of course Team America has to be next! It is surprisingly the perfect film to watch after Captain America. Whereas Captain America shows that underdog coming up to fend off the Nazis back in WW2, Team America shows another unlikely hero (an actor) trying to take down Kim Jong Il of Korea in the present day. The resemblances are uncanny. I would like to think that Team America and Captain America take place in the same universe where Team America was inspired by Cap's acts and valor that they came together because of that.


Which movie would you be more excited for?


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