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I have been reading around a lot, and I discovered that there is a "Gremlins" remake on the way. Honestly this is bittersweet for me, because if it is good, then I can have a special part of my childhood brought back for a whole new generation. If it is bad though, then it will really disappoint the public, and mess with the legacy of the fantastic original. What the film needs to do to be a success is:

1. Stay away from CGI!!!!!!- The first cause of a disaster with this film would to be excessive with computer animation, which will give a terrible look to the characters. I know the puppets of the 1980's look cheesy now, but this is part of the beauty of the original. I feel that if the effect people make really high end models(even better than the original), then the same authentic feel can be there, but improved.

2. Make sure the cast is as likable as the original film- As I have mentioned in my previous post about the movie, the cast of "Gremlins" really brought out the best of each other. The chemistry was great, and everyone really became their character. The key to a successful remake is to not just pick the most popular Disney star at the current, but to find actors(maybe even unknowns) that can really bring the same natural feeling of the former.

3. Stay away from cheap humor!!!- Chris Columbus really wrote an amazing screenplay for the original film, and it was full of wit that left me laughing like crazy. To keep this same brilliance, the writer(hopefully Columbus, as rumored) needs to stay away from the cheap humor I have seen in the newer kid-friendly movies. There can be the occasional gross-out joke, but there needs to be a balance of it with smart humor, so both children and adults can laugh.

4. Be respectful to the original, but don't make a complete carbon-copy- When remaking a movie as special to audiences as "Gremlins," it is important that you don't ruin the legacy. With this though, the movie also needs to have its own twists and turns in the plot line, so the audience doesn't waste their time.

5. Keep Gizmo as the lead Mogwi- A character like Gizmo is one that is beloved by the masses, and he is a complete necessity in this remake's success. If the filmmakers don't have him, then the audience will have an empty feeling about the movie.

Overall, I do have hope for this remake, and I look forward to its eventual release. I just hope that the original is done justice, and that the kids of the 2010's can witness a successful recreation of one of the most important films of the 1980's.


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