ByCaitlyn DeAmbra, writer at
They tried to have Temple Grandin institutionalized because she has autism, in the 1950's. It's insane how little we've cared for our disabled. How many disabled do you see in the movies today? And yet "people of color" complain they don't get enough parts, or lines. It's still a crime to me that disabled people are treated like we are "sick", when we aren't. Kids come up to us, and parents will grab their arms and drag them away, like they are embarrassed. If your kid wants to talk to someone in a wheelchair, LET HIM! Let him ask, "Why are you in that chair?" Don't stop him, for goodness sake. And please, don't make him feel like he's done something wrong! Let her talk to the blind and the deaf, and let her learn how to say "Nice meet you" in American Sign Language. (There's no "to", the signs are just 'Nice', 'meet', and 'you'. Yes, I said it funny on purpose.) Yes, I get a little cranky about these things. Everyone INCLUDING white folks are fighting for equal rights. We are just fighting to catch up.

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