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Fighting Style

Throughout all of the previous Batman films the one thing that has always lacked was the combat skills of our beloved Batman. I have a strong feeling that will be change in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the fight choreographer for the film promised us that he was gonna make Batman fight like the expert martial artist he should be. Even from those quick seconds in the GIF below from the trailer it seems like he kept his word as Batman took down two guys within a span of seconds! Honestly that was my favorite part of the trailer as I always dreamed in the movies they make Batman fight like he should.

Not afraid of gods

In Batman vs Superman, Batman has a personal vendetta against our red caped hero Superman. In the teaser trailer he clearly ask Superman does he bleed telling him he will, if that doesn't prove you have balls telling a god that I don't what is. This version of Batman isn't afraid of anything and he gonna pull out all his stops in Dawn of Justice to defeat Superman for the destruction that was caused in Metropolis and his building during the fight between General Zod and Superman in Man of Steel. Talk about a man who isn't afraid of anything but isn't that what Batman supposed to be?

He's nearly lost everything

This Batman has suffered losses in his life varying from his parents, a dead robin and I wouldn't be surprised if Commissioner Gordon is dead in this universe too only adding up the losses. It adds a certain depth to this Batman that we've never seen before and plus he been fighting crime in Gotham for nearly twenty years so it makes sense during his war on crime that ones that are closets to him have been caught in crossfires. We're gonna see a more jaded and angrier Bruce Wayne that has mileage on him and so far i'm loving what i'm seeing.


It been confirmed that all the villains that will make up Task Force X in Suicide Squad have all been put away by the Batman. No that something we haven't see before, really only in the animated series have we seen a Batman putting away his villains behind bars and that just adds depth to the Batman character we will be getting soon. Also to add he has deep history with the Joker and Harley Quinn and that in the car chase scene in Suicide Squad involving Batman he captures Harley Quinn and presumably the Joker. How Batman role in Suicide Squad will play out? Well we'll just have to wait and see.

Gadgets and Weaponry

From the gadgets and weaponry we've seen at Comic-Con this Batman seems ready for war and his gadgets are high tech. This version of Batman is prepared for anything and has the weaponry and gadgets to back him up on his war against Superman. Out of all the previous Batmen we've had with there gadgets and weaponry Ben's take the case by a landslide.

World Greatest Detective

In the Nolan films Batman was never truly a detective and only in certain parts of the trilogy he would show his moments being a detective. Hopefully with Ben's Batman he will be the world's greatest detective, like the one from the comic books. The one gadget from comic-con named the" Tech Cowl" seems like it helps Batman with detective work, it reminds me from the Arkham games where Batman has detective vision Incorporated into his cowl. More than likely in Dawn of Justice we will see Batman tracking down the movements of Superman and study him. I hope and pray this adaption of Batman is the world greatest detective and is actually shown doing detective work but from little I've seen it gives me hope.

Myth status

Just like in The Dark Knight Returns after Batman retires he now consider a myth within Gotham City. That kinda what happening with this Batman in Dawn of Justice, the general public considers him a myth and very few people have every saw him before in person most likely Joker and Harley being on that list. Even in the trailer Clark Kent says some sort of "bat-vigilante" meaning the Batman isn't well know to all. This adds for great storytelling, reason being instead of Batman being an well know figure in Gotham City and Metropolis make him be some sort of urban legend and a figure that no one truly sees and only criminals that face his wrath. I love the direction there taking with this Batman and i feel like this will the true comic book Batman we all deserve.

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