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Many fans of the Arrow spin off The Flash have been waiting for the show's return in the fall. As one of the show's biggest fans, I decided to write down some things that will happen in season 2 of The Flash!

New suit.

Barry's new suit
Barry's new suit
• The new suit is shown in the picture above.
• At the San Diego comic con many fans finally got to see Barry Allen's new suit for the first time.
• It is rumored that the new suit will make its appearance on the 3rd or 4th episode in season 2!!


• It is official the Multiverse is coming to the flash!
• The Multiverse will be like the "particle accelerator" in season 2. Meaning that all of the villains in the season will most likely come from The Multiverse.
• The Multiverse will also bring more speedster's including Jay Garrick (aka the original flash) as well as Kid Flash and Zoom.
• It is official that Teddy Sears will be playing Jay Garrick, and it unofficial who will be playing Kid Flash or Zoom.

Love Interests

•Season 2 of the flash will feature many new love interests for major characters.
•Barry Allen will get a new love interest named patty spivot, played by Shantel Vansanten from the messengers, she will make an appearance on the 2nd or 3rd episode of season 2 playing a blood expert at the Central City Police Department crime lab.
• Joe West will also be getting his own love interest, who is supposed to be a troubled friend of Joe's. The cw is making a casting call for a african american woman in her late to mid 40's.
• Cisco is also rumored to be getting a new love interest, at the San Diego comic con Carlos Valdes joked about being a lady's man in season 2. Maybe his new love interest could be golden glider?


• The flash season 2 will have many new villains and recurring one's.
• Zoom will be the main antagonist in season 2, he will be faster than both the reverse flash and the flash.
• Mirror Master is rumored to appear in season 2.
• Gorilla grodd,Captain cold,Heatwave, and Golden glitter will be recurring, and even Captain cold Sir will appear in ep 3 of season 2 and will be played by Michael Ironside.
• Season 2 will also feature more villians.

Character changes

• Killer Frost: in the comics Caitlin snow is suppose to become killer frost. It's hard to picture Caitlin snow as a supervillain, but she may have came from a diffrent timeline in a different universe.
• Vibe: in the comics Cisco Ramon is supposed to become the superhero vibe. It is mentioned that cisco will begin to notice his powers, and maybe even make his own costume and superhero name.
• Tom Cavanaugh will remain a regular on the show but maybe not as the reverse flash but just as harrison wells.
• Iris west will begin to be focused in her work more than anything due to Eddies death, but hopefully she starts to help team flash since she now knows the flash's identity.

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