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You may be asking yourselves how I could enjoy any moment from such a horrifying movie. Well not only was it a great horror flick, but it was an overall great film. The first trailer I saw for this movie was in theaters, and it immediately sparked my interest by showing me how much it wasn't going to hold back. Because of how gory, terrifying, and straight up disturbing this movie was, it quickly became one of my favorites. There are a few moments that have stuck with me, making the film stand out as a whole, and I'd like to share those moments (in no specific order) with you lovely people! So turn on the lights, make sure no one is under the bed, and tune in to 5 Bloodcurdling Moments From 2013's Evil Dead.

1. The Opening Scene

This scene was a great way to jump start the movie. A seemingly innocent young woman is tied to a post with a bag over her head, while an older woman is speaking in her native tongue. The young woman is sobbing, begging for her life while the older woman is thumbing through the pages of what seems to be a book full of demonic rituals.

The young woman's father steps into the scene, taking the bag off of her head as he begins to explain what's going on. My favorite part about this scene, is the misconception that this young woman is innocent. As her father prepares to burn her alive, you'd think she was innocent until she uttered "I will rip your soul out Daddy... I'LL RIP YOUR SOUL OUT YOU PATHETIC F***!" The demon is set on fire and shot in the head all before the title hits the screen, coupled with an incredible score. I have to say, the intro really took me back. I was like Peter Parker after he realized that his house didn't have a chimney.

2. Don't Cut It Off!

This scene was full of equal amounts of blood and intensity. Natalie became ill as she fell into the hands of hell, but she wasn't going down without a fight. Noticing a turkey carver on the kitchen floor next to her, she decides to do what you would expect her to do in this situation: cut her arm off.

The gore alone was reason enough for this to be one of my favorite moments from the movie, but the disturbing nature of the scene made a contribution as well. The amount of blood used in this frightening and detailed part of the movie really impressed me. This is the type of scene that you couldn't look away from, no matter how uncomfortable it made you.

3. The Evil Dead Kiss

Please try to get past the music that's added near the end of this clip, that I believe ruins the integrity of the scene. That said, this is one of the many parts of the film that made it stand out. Movies that go beyond their limits, and do things that no other movie has done, are movies worth watching. This horrid scene (which is probably my favorite horror scene ever) shows evil Mia splitting her tongue with a box cutter before giving Natalie a blood soaked kiss.

4. The Puke Scene

Open wide...
Open wide...

I couldn't find a clip of the scene that wasn't bootlegged, so I figured a gif would be good enough. This is another grim part of the movie that pulled me back into the horror genre, for I had yet to be blown away (again) by anything horror related. But after seeing #3 and #4 in the first trailer, I had already decided to see the movie. This scene was disgusting, and anything terrifying, disturbing, bloody or downright nasty is a plus when it comes to horror films.

5. Chainsaw Scene

Near the end of the movie, we see a not-so-evil Mia outside where the weather was a little different than usual (it was raining blood). I was thrilled by this scene, quietly rejoicing over the epic conclusion. Mia had been through hell, and she wasn't going back. She bid farewell to the demon, before delivering an awesome punch line: "Feast on this motherf*****!!"

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