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Just in case you haven't seen it yet...

Fans of The Walking Dead are super excited for what is to come. The trailer for

is very well put together and it tells a story in itself. Here is everything important I analyzed from the trailer.

1. We get to see the world before the walker's reign of terror. This may not be as exciting as the life and death situations simultaneously thrown at us as several different characters fight to survive, but it will give us an insight into the universe the characters are living in. Other than the fact that they live in a world where the concept of 'zombies' has never existed.

2. Interestingly enough they call it a flu. I'm left wondering if the shots actually prevented them from catching it though the air. But In The Walking Dead they never mention any shots. If anyone would like to build onto this theory or debunk it I would be very interested.

Kim Dickens leads Fear the Walking Dead
Kim Dickens leads Fear the Walking Dead

3. Hopefully based off of what we see in the trailer it means that we get to see the early stages of the 'flu' We did see people who have just been bitten in the Walking Dead but this seems to be slower and induce hallucinations on people that we get to see. In the early stages people just seemed to turn insane...

4. MORE PEOPLE! In the Walking Dead there were a few chosen interactions but in all it was pretty isolated. I had no problem with that but now I am excited to see how mass amounts of people handle an epidemic like this. It seemed to be pretty hectic as would be expected but will this serve as a distraction that will in the end help them out, or as seen in TWD, will the living prove to be the biggest problem of all?

Thanks for reading and if there is anything that everyone got out of the trailer, I know it's that we can't wait for August!


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