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With the DC 'Cinematic Universe' getting ready to kick into gear in 2016, fans have been clamoring and gossiping about what villains, storylines and canon we could be seeing on the silver screen in the next five years.

One Justice League member causing a bit of a stir is none other than our beloved Barry Allen/Flash, to be played by the enigmatic Ezra Miller in both Justice League segments, as well as his stand-alone feature in 2018. Some fans don't like that Grant Gustin wasn't given the title role, given the super job he is doing on the CW's The Flash. But DC has made it clear (despite Miller insisting that a 'dope' multiverse crossover could happen?!) that the TV entities are separate from the movie franchise.

So, let's look at The Flash movie expected to debut March 23, 2018. What villains could we be seeing? Will we get an Earth 2 story? Will Wally West feature? I'll be looking ahead to the movie in detail in another article, but I wanted to start by seeing what villains we could see in the movie, and who could potentially play them. So - how about these 5?

5. Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne

Professor Zoom - is he the right choice?
Professor Zoom - is he the right choice?

Prof. Zoom/Reverse Flash is probably the most obvious, and realistically, easy choice for DC. Eobard Thawne is the Flash's biggest nemesis, foil and enemy, and would be the most common choice if you were to pick a villain. But do we really need another 'similar' villain, as George R.R. Martin recently complained in relation to the MCU? Aesthetically, and for a standard black and white story, Eobard works. But I'd rather they went for someone different, more contrasting and unique. Maybe even someone who hasn't appeared in the TV series yet? But if they did use Prof. Zoom, THEN...

Who should play him?

Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan has already played the Green Goblin
Dane DeHaan has already played the Green Goblin

DeHaan shown off his villainous acting skills in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and has the enigma and tone to take on the role of Thawne. He also has the emotional range to give a character who has experienced more than one timeline! A popular and rising actor, he would be an ideal candidate for the new Reverse Flash.

4. Abra Kadabra

Time for a bit of magic
Time for a bit of magic

Should DC want to meander towards the supernatural/magical side of things, Abra Kadabra would be a prime choice. His futuristic magical ability would be an exciting and fantastical difference to Barry's powers, and it would potentially raise the stakes, too. It could also be a nice way to introduce the supernatural/magical side of the DCCU (we've seen the alien side already in Man of Steel).

Who should play him?

David Thewlis

Thewlis casts a spell...
Thewlis casts a spell...

We all know Thewlis as Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter saga, but Thewlis has several other past projects such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Theory of Everything, which have showcased his talents. Thewlis could bring a weary, experienced authority to Abra Kadabra, and would be a superb more experienced version of the villain. DC may opt for someone younger (and wearing converses, like Lex Luthor) but for me, Thewlis would be perfect.

3. Golden Glider

We may already have seen Lisa Snart portrayed by Peyton List on the CW show, but Golden Glider is an interesting character in her own right without the common protection of her sibling Leonard. A smarter, more complex version of Lisa could prove an intriguing nemesis for The Flash, although she perhaps seems like more of a 'Number 2' villain.

Who could play her?

Anna Kendrick

Suspend that skepticism for a second - Kendrick already has a solid portfolio of chick flicks and comedy, so why not an ounce of supervillain to go with it? She has the look for Lisa Snart, and has already proven she can play someone with sass and attitude.

2. Captain Boomerang

A famous adversary of more heroes than just Barry Allen, Cap Boom (yep) is already set to appear in the DCCU and would make a powerful and fascinating enemy. I'm sure most mainstream, non-comic-loving audiences would get behind a guy who kills with boomerangs. Right? In all seriousness, utilizing an already established character would be a strong move, and would help the overall easter egg/tie-in/everything must relate mission statement. He could maybe use a villain assistant/number two, but I would love to see Digger Harkness take on the Flash on the big screen.

Who could play him?

Jai Courtney

Unless he gets bumped off in Suicide Squad...

1. The Trickster

For me, it has to be the Trickster (I know, I said enemies who hadn't been on the CW show, but hear me out), and not just because of his crazy, childish ways of killing people. Most viewers this century respond well to a crazy, psychotic, wild villain - just look at the hype around Jared Leto, even from people who know nothing about comics past spandex. The Trickster is frightening, clever, completely mental and horrifyingly juvenile in his methods (exploding teddy bears - COME ON!!!!) and would make a menacing and awesome bad guy for comic lovers and casual viewers alike.

Who could play him?

Iwan Rheon

Played a strange, unusual character? Check. Played a psychotic, evil, sadistic throat cutter? Check. Iwan Rheon has already nailed the crazy and the strange in Game of Thrones, and the Welsh actor is only just starting to flex his true acting muscles. Rheon would make The Trickster as insane and creepy as he should be, but with a youthful look, which could represent the way in which James Jesse does his business. That is what you call dream casting.

Thanks for reading my first ever article on here - I'll be posting more soon!


Who do you think should be the enemy of Ezra Miller's Flash?


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