ByCaitlyn DeAmbra, writer at
...hey did this. I definitely see a correlation between the "thigh gap" issue, and the apex of when all of the games hit their high point. Take a look at some of the thinnest girls for example: Rikku and Tifa Lockhart. If your best friend was that thin, wouldn't you be worried? Really look at her, and imagine she was a real person. Both girls would be in the hospital in all likelihood. It was said at one time that Barbie couldn't even stand up or walk around. What does that tell you? I understand that many of these ladies are warriors, however, their bodies don't really reflect that in these cases. There is very little musculature, though I will admit that Christie is starting to have the muscle definition she should have. The other women do not. They are too thin, without anything resembling musculature. Here's what I mean: Jade uses her legs, but they get too small as you approach the knee. The Vastus Latoralis muscle (the one above the knee on the outside) should be bigger if she's going to be doing roundhouse and side kicks. However, they have the quadriceps tapering down to those tiny little knees, then going back out to nice wide calves at the top with nothing extending at the bottom, which one would expect if she were kicking with the ball of her foot as one would do in a front kick, or any time she jumps and lands on the balls of her feet, which is every time, since you never hear her land. Also, you ofttimes see her use a cat stance, which uses a lot of that same calf muscle. She should have some serious legs. She knows how to use them! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) The arms for most of these women are straight, including the warriors? There are a lot of missing muscle groups, so I'm disappointed that so many opportunities were missed to show different body types, and it feels very much like this anti-eating order group used this opportunity to tout just one message, "Fat's where it's at!", instead of the message they should have gone with (beside the bad grammar, I know!) when it comes to our many beautiful shapes and sizes, "Love the one you're in!".


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