ByPeter Malone, writer at

I do think Taskmaster is good, yet when he recounts some of his childhood (forget where I saw this) he exposes that while he can copy moves he's seen done, that doesn't mean he know's everything (he copied a diving move, yet didn't know how to swim). So while he can copy moves Batman has been trained in many martial arts. The fact that Punisher and Winter Soldier us guns isn't that much of deterrent against Batman as he's gone against Deathstroke (who besides being a good marksman is an excellent close fighter and has a bit of a healing factor). Spiderman could pose a problem though Batman could easily get out of Spiderman's webs spider-man is more than just that as his reflexes are inhuman, and he has his "Spider Sense" that makes him hard to surprise, though he hasn't exactly trained to be a fighter where as Batman has, and Batman uses more gimmicks than Spiderman does. Now Batman may fall for the Widow if she uses some of her femininity as a weapon since he has always had stalemates against Catwoman, who he's fallen under the charms of at times.


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