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Working in entertainment isn't always glitz and glamour that us regular, non-famous folks like to believe. In reality, it's a lot of travel, long hours, and it definitely takes time away from keeping a regular schedule making it hard to lead a normal life.

For reasons personal and professional, these 10 celebrities have called it quits and have left the Hollywood machine behind to pursue other goals:

Note: Some of these actors and actresses still do some voiceover work or have made the casual television appearance, this list is just showing some people at the brink or apex of their stardom who chose step away from the camera.

1. Rick Moranis

Last major credited role: Little Giants (1994)

Where are they now? Everyone's favorite movie dad went on to do the real thing an become a full-time dad a few years after his wife passed away from cancer in 1991. You might still be able to catch his voice work from time to time in animated features, but he has no current plans (that we know of) to return to live-action work.

2. Jack Gleeson

Last major credited role: Game of Thrones (2014)

Where are they now? Hot off the heels of playing the world's most hated prince, Jack Gleeson has since stated that acting just isn't as fun for him as it used to be. Instead he's shifted his focus into finishing school and considering earning a post-graduate degree after leaving Trinity College in Dublin.

3. Phoebe Cates

Last major credited role: The Anniversary Party (2001)

Where are they now? Phoebe Cates retired from acting in 1994 to raise her two children with Kevin Kline. Her last role was in The Anniversary Party, which came out in 2001 was only done as a favor for her Fast Times at Ridgemont High costar, Jennifer Jason Leigh, who directed the film. In 2005 Cates opened up the Blue Tree in New York City and dammit she's still a total babe!

4. Cary Grant

Last major credited role: Walk Don't Run (1966)

Where are they now? One of the biggest actors of his time, Cary Grant retired at the ripe age of 62 to help raise his daughter Jennifer. Although he never appeared on screen again, he then kept busy by becoming a member of the board of directors for Fabergé, Hollywood Park, the Academy of Magical Arts, Western Airlines, and MGM. Cary Grant passed away in 1986.

5. Mara Wilson

Last major credited role: Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000)

Where are they now? After finishing Thomas and the Magic Railroad 15 years ago, Mara Wilson decided to focus on her education instead. She has since appeared briefly in a couple shorts and web series and 2013, Wilson wrote an article for about her take on the life and pitfalls of child stardom. Today she mainly focuses on writing young adult novels and plays.

6. Paul Newman

Last major credited role: Road to Perdition (2002)

Where are they now? While he did some voice and stage acting after 2002, his work alongside Tom Hanks Road to Perdition earned him an Academy Award nomination and marked the end of his film career. He officially retired from acting in 2007, after which he focused on his business Newman's Own which has donated millions (around $429.3 million in 2014) in charitable contributions. Paul Newman passed away in 2008.

7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Last major credited role: Walking Across Egypt (1999)

Where are they now? From cute child star to being one of the biggest heartthrobs of the '90s, JTT when from being on the covers of Tiger Beat to keeping his nose in the books found in the hallowed halls of fine academic institutions like Harvard University, St. Andrews University, and Columbia University School of General Studies where he studied philosophy and history. This year, however, JTT returned to our TV screens in a small recurring role in his TV dad, Tim Allen's show Last Man Standing!

8. Dolores Hart

Last major credited role: Come Fly with Me (1963)

Where are they now? Dolores Hart appeared in 10 movies in just five years in the 1960s. She was famous for playing opposite other famous actors like Stephen Boyd, Montgomery Clift, George Hamilton and Robert Wagner, and Elvis Presley. She shocked the industry after Come Fly with Me wrapped by announcing that she would be retiring to enter a monastery, where she was elected Abbess of the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut.

9. Shirley Temple

Last major credited role: A Kiss for Corliss (1949)

Where are they now? One of history's most famous child stars, the adorable Shirley Temple retired in 1950 at the age of 22. Then, in 1958 she returned to television making small appearances on Shirley Temple's Storybook for two seasons. After acting, Temple was a board member of various companies including: The Walt Disney Company, Del Monte Foods and the National Wildlife Federation. Then in 1969 she began her political career where she became a United States ambassador. Shirley Temple Black passed away just last year.

10. Michael Schoeffling

Last major credited role: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)

Where are they now? I'll never quite get over that initial crush I had on Sixteen Candles' Jake Ryan. Be still my heart! Unfortunately for those of us who still fangirl over him, Michael Schoeffling retired from acting in 1991 due to the shrinking number of available roles and his growing family. He and his wife Valerie L. Robinson moved to Pennsylvania, where he worked in a wood shop and helped raise their two children.

Even though the idea of being rich and famous sounds awesome, clearly it's still possible to lead a wholly incredible and happy life without it. Good job, everyone! In the words of the impossibly wise Severus Snape:


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