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“On my other films, it was comforting to tell myself those things weren’t real, I’d just made them up. But for The Conjuring, I didn’t have that luxury.”

Director James Wan (Saw, Insidious) described his experience while working on The Conjuring as being almost too real. Doesn't that sound familiar? Haven't we all heard about the strange happenings surrounding the set and the cast of such classics as The Poltergeist, The Omen, and The Exorcist?

I'm starting to notice a trend here. Work on a horror film, and expect some real life horrors to happen right in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, the cast and crew of The Conjuring was no different, as they too began to experience creepy occurrences left and right.

Below is a list of eerie happenings that happened to the director, the screenwriters, the actors, and so forth. Warning: You will not want to ever step foot on set of a scary film. Or perhaps if you're into this kind of thing, you're already running to a haunted house with a camera.

1. Creepy Phone Static

When the Hayes brothers and Lorraine Warren (a real life demonologist) would chat on the phone about the script, they kept getting cut off by weird sounds and a lot of static. Then, out of nowhere, the line would suddenly go dead.

2. The Puppy Sees Something We Can't See

James Wan, the director, was working on the script one late night. He had just adopted a new puppy, who started staring at a supposedly empty side of the room and began to growl aggressively. Wan stated that his dog's head then followed something all across the room, but he didn't see anything.

3. Claw Marks on her Screen

Vera Farmiga, the actress who plays Lorraine Warren, opened her computer one day to keep reading the script. She noticed five claw marks scratched straight across her screen. Farmiga says:

“I don’t know how to explain it. I do know I hadn’t dropped the computer, my children didn’t step on it, so I closed it, put it away and my brain went berserk."

4. A Strange Wind

When the real life family that the film is based on, named the Perrons, visited the set locate in North Caroline, they felt a cool wind whip throughout the set. They also noticed that the intense, sudden draft did not move or shake any trees.

5. A Strange, Dark Presence

Carolyn Perron, mother.
Carolyn Perron, mother.

The mother of the Perron family claimed to have felt the same strange dark presence, similar to when she first experienced the occurrences depicted in the film. She later tripped and suffered some wounds, which put her in the hospital.

If you thought The Conjuring was frightful, wait until The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist will be released June 2016.

We may have to wait an entire year, but scary stories about paranormal events on set is a sure fire way to pacify us in the meantime! So Wan, please keep them coming. We welcome that creepy chill down our backs.

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