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Another day, another fan theory. This time, we've got one that has to do with one of my favorite series of book-to-movie adaptations, Harry Potter. It's difficult to truly embrace a theory from this franchise simply due to the fact that I think the way the story progressed and the manner with which they ended it was almost perfect.

But, here at Moviepilot, we enjoy giving these types of things a go, and in the spirit of curiosity and imagination, I hope you'll bear with me.

So, you know how the big reveal at the end of The Chamber of Secrets was that Lucius Malfoy was the one who put Tom Riddle's diary in Ginny's collection of schoolbooks? Was that really what he meant to do?

Well, this theory states that the original plan was to get the book to Harry Potter, and it cites the fact that merely wreaking havoc on Muggleborns at Hogwarts and putting the Weasley family in a negative light is kind of a weak plan. The theory might make more sense if you consider that getting it to Harry was his real goal.

When Harry first arrived at Hogwarts, everyone was pretty into the fact that he defeated He Who Must Not Be Named - but I'm a bad-ass so I'm gonna name him anyway, it's Lord Voldemort. Anyway, Lucius encourages his son Draco to become friends with Harry since he must have been some kind of powerful dark wizard in the mind of the Malfoy family. Of course, Harry wasn't too keen on Draco from the jump.

But it's by his second year (which of course coincides with The Chamber of Secrets) it's clear to everyone that Harry isn't a villain. In fact, even though he gets a lot of bad press, he's clearly a good wizard. Lucius then hatches a new plan. If he can successfully get Tom Riddle's diary into Harry's hands he'll accomplish two major things that would be beneficial for his cause.

1. He'll ruin Harry's reputation in the Wizarding World if he gets caught attacking Muggleborns.

2. Perhaps more importantly, he will probably end up getting killed by the basilisk.

Either way, that's 10 points for... evil people. But who's really counting? I think Lucius Malfoy pretty much maxed out his evil points a looong time ago.

Anyway, what do you think?

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