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With the emergence of eCommerce websites, shopping has become a universal trait now. Although, women still outnumber men in shopping, men are not that far behind. Men and children are also found sticking to e-commerce websites searching for new gadgets, clothing and much more.

With the number of Mobile Application Development New Jersey eCommerce websites online, finding out the space for your website to rule over is not an easy task. There are no universal features to add up that enables your website to soar up high in the market. However, there are some essentials that should be a part of your website.

1. Trouble free Navigation

Ebay has one of the greatest website of all times. It is among one of the best websites who take their job seriously. Keeping 5 to 10 items across the top of the page and decorations to the minimum. All the essential features like the search box, shopping cart ,login box and most importantly the best deals should make the front of the page making it reachable to the customers.

The idea behind a great navigation is to not confuse the customer but to enrich their shopping experience.

2. Making your logo clear

Well looking at this particular logo, can you guess what they sell? I certainly can,it is of course tea! An art deco font, a grainy texture to give some tactility, and a simple tea cup silhouette,that's it. LuhseTea’s logo is one of the admired logos of all time and it screams class and divinity in its design. Graphic Springs is one of my personal choice for creative logo design Of New York App Developers

3. Create branded and clear Product Catalog

This is the product catalog of one of the famous e-commerce websites and just look at the immaculate product collection it has. You are thinking to buy glasses for an occasion and simply if some website portrays the product in this manner,you are surely bound to buy it or at-least consider it for that matter.

According to the current trend more e-commerce websites should start creating better product brands for their high-end users and focus on high-end marketing by showcasing their items and providing intangible benefits like trust,aesthetics and class along with it.

4. Focus on web marketing

Invest in channels which can help you talk about your product, or advertise in various platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Content writing, Blogs adds up to the increasing customer on your website.

Also according to the Google Sandbox effect ,websites should focus on creating good rank for their website.Nonetheless the reverse effect has shown that not considering the above effect can lead to spam and act as a deterring factor for your website.

5. Take support of featured videos

It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words and videos they can definitely say a lot. You can add featured videos to teach, educate and spread awareness for your product or maybe a cause you support. Connect it with your new product launches. Videos are shared to many and helps in waking up the laggard customer. It adds a personal touch and helps you to reach out to your audience.

6. Responsive website

The website of the Work Cycle has loads of information and the way they have created the responsive design without foregoing any details is a stupendous job.

A well developed and a responsive website of your eCommerce website helps you gain the needed exposure and your audience build up eventually. Also according to the Hummingbird Technology which is Google’s latest algorithmic update pushes you to make a conducive and mobile-friendly website whereas not following it can lead in decrease of your websites rank on the Google search website.

Ensure these features are there in your website and we guarantee that the whole shopping experience for your customers will be a memorable one.

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