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(Warning - mild potential suit-related SPOILERS for Spider-Man's future appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lie below. Proceed with whatever level of caution your natural spidey-sense suggests...)

With Spider-Man set to return to our screens in 2017 in his own new solo movie - with an extended cameo in Captain America: Civil War in the meantime - there's inevitably a whole lot of information finding its way to our Internet-connected screens. We know, for instance, that we're set to see a far more youthful version of Peter Parker than we have in the past, with Tom Holland set to play a very much teenage Wall-Crawler. Similarly, we look set to see Spidey leap straight into his superhero-ing career, skipping his origin story altogether.

For all of that, though, there are still a few key elements of the Spider-Mythos that we don't actually know too much about as of yet. For instance:

Just What Kind of Costume Will We See Spidey Wearing?

After all, the comic book Peter Parker has donned a whole lot of outfits over the years, and - despite it seemingly being the most likely option - there's really no guarantee that we'll see the traditional Spider-Suit of yore return to the screen once again.

Instead, it's entirely possible that we'll see a very-different sort of Spider-Suit turn up in Spidey's solo movie. In fact, if the latest rumors are true:

Spider-Man's New Suit Could Be VERY Homemade

According to Latino-Review, Spider-Man's costume throughout much of his solo movie (and therefore presumably Civil War, too) is going to be homemade to an extent we've never before seen on the big screen.

Specifically, it's apparently set to look a whole lot like this piece of fan art by SpikeSDM, which was reportedly sent by a source as a way of dodging the legal issues involved with sending an actual image of the suit as seen on set:

Which, aside from being awesome, just so happens to look a whole lot more like something a teenager would make as a costume than the slick and coherent costumes we've seen on screen so far.

In fact, it even has a notable comic book counterpart, in precisely the sort of comics that Marvel Studios likes to base its movies off of - Marvel's Ultimate comic book universe. Within which, back in the day, Ultimate Spider-Man had a tendency to rely on Mary Jane to patch up his costumes when they got damaged - which, when they broke up at one point, led to him wearing this: barely even a costume. What it is, however, is exactly the sort of compromise that a broke teenager would come up with when trying to fight crime - much like the teasing image above.

The other intriguing implication of Spidey having a low-tech costume like that, though - one which might just lend credence to the rumor?

It sure would support the online murmurings - emanating from those Sony Hack e-mails a while back - that Iron Man is going to end up giving Spidey an 'Iron Spider' suit at some point.

(A.k.a. the technologically advanced costume Spidey wore in and around Civil War in the comic books.)

Which, it just so happens, would make a whole lot more sense as a gift were Spidey swinging around barefoot with knee-pads on.

Anyone else already getting massively over-excited?

The big question, though?

What do you think?

via Latino-Review


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