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When Bryan Singer chose to bring [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) to the big screen, fans of the beloved comic book knew that some major changes would be made for a blockbuster adaptation. Some of these ruffled feathers when they were announced, but others—like the decision to bring in Quicksilver, who is totally absent in the comic storyline—proved to be strokes of genius.

Now, the brilliant minds behind Cinefix have compiled a thorough analysis of all the ways the most recent X-Men movie strayed from its source material. Of course, this isn't saying that one is better than the other (they're two completely separate entities after all), but it's downright fascinating to see how the filmmakers altered the story to make it work in their universe.

Check out Cinefix's phenomenal (and often hysterical) video below for the biggest alterations from page to screen.

Here are some of the differences that I found most compelling, but be sure to watch the full video for even more.

The protagonist is swapped

Let's start with the most obvious change that already received a lot of press. In the comics, Days of Future Past is Kitty Pryde's story. For many reasons, not the least of which includes Hugh Jackman's box office bankability, the main character in the movie version is Wolverine. While it would have been awesome to see Kitty go from wallflower to willpower, the change definitely makes sense in the grand scheme of Fox's X-Men universe.

The Sentinels are a more ruthless threat in the movie

While the movie's adaptive antagonists are mostly concerned with annihilating any mutant that comes into their path, the comic's Sentinels are driven to capture before killing. They round up mutants and place them in internment facilities, but it makes sense for the sheer dramatic potential to make them more of an immediate threat.

Wolverine dies in the comics

For the most part, you can't have your protagonist die in a mainstream Hollywood movie (especially if he needs to come back for his third and final standalone film), so that aforementioned change affected what could have been the coolest and most shocking death scene of all time. In the comics, Wolverine is incinerated by a Sentinel until only his adamantium skeleton remains. Unfortunately, that wasn't brought to life in brilliant CGI, but I certainly wish I could see it.

Mystique isn't always a lone wolf

Though Days of Future Past depicts Mystique as a rogue mutant hellbent on getting her own revenge, the comics make it clear that she has a whole team behind her. Not just any team, either, but that time's iteration of the Evil Brotherhood of Mutants. This included Destiny, Avalanche, Pyro, and the Blob, and they supported her plan to take out a major government official. This is one change I appreciated since it was nice to see Mystique have a strong sense of conviction after putting so much stake in Charles and Erik.

Watch the full video for way more interesting deviations, and get ready for what's sure to be another awesome installment when [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) hits theaters!


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