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The trials and tribulations that surrounded the love lives of the Friends was one of the main threads of the show. We followed them through flirtations, dates, make-ups and break-ups, getting utterly involved with each and every encounter.

When they dated someone we liked (hi, Tag), we were all like:

And when they dated someone we wanted for ourselves (hi, Tag), we were all like:

But sometimes a bad egg slipped through the net, causing heartache and suffering...

It warranted reactions such as...

...and caused pals to storm the stage, sorting this mess out for them.

But, now we've removed ourselves from the madness, had time to calm down and reflect, we've realized that they weren't that bad, and we can laugh about it. Each imperfect blunder was a stepping stone to a better place and, as we know now, it all turned out okay in the end.

Now, these guys took the dating game seriously and throughout eight seasons they dated a lot. It's pretty impressive really. But what if they hadn't found love in Mike, Chandler and Ross, who would they be dating now? And what if they'd ended up back with one of their exes?

Join us on this trip down memory lane as we rekindle the fires and find out what these old flames look like now...

1. Barry - Mitchell Whitfield

Barry wouldn't get plugs for Rachel, which is bad enough on its own, but then he goes and gets them for MINDY? Who the hell did this guy think he was?! NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers: Robots in Disguise

2. Paolo - Cosimo Fusco

Paolo didn't speak much English but that didn't really matter, look at his face! That is, it didn't matter until he tried to feel up Phoebe. Na-ah, pal. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Gone in Sixty Seconds, Alias, Rome, Coco Chanel, The Falcon and the Dove, The Mentalist

3. David - Hank Azaria

Aw, the one that got away. David was such a cutie and so lovely to Phoebe, until he buggered off to Minsk. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Anastasia, Godzilla, America's Sweethearts, Along Came Polly, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Simpsons Movie, Run, Fatboy, Run, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Simpsons, Love & Other Drugs, The Smurfs, Family Guy

4. Ryan - Charlie Sheen

Ryan was more of a passing ship in the night than a boyfriend, but that's just as well, really. As that famous saying goes, "once you've rubbed pox, you never go back." Or something. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Being John Malkovich, Spin City, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, Anger Management... amongst other things...

5. Fun Bobby - Vincent Ventresca

Bobby was fun, until he wasn't. Sober Bobby was a total drag. Get back to the bottle dude, nobody likes a bore. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, The Thin Pink Line, CSI: Miami, Complete Savages, The Mentalist, Break Point

6. Danny - George Newbern

Danny was a yeti, until Danny shaved and revealed a hidden stud, which Rachel totally dug. Or she did until she discovered his borderline incestuous relationship with his sister. Ew. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: The Batman, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds, Saw VI, Nip/Tuck, Hot in Cleveland, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

7. Roger - Fisher Stevens

Man, what a pain in the ass. Go analyze someone else Roger, we just want to have our coffee in peace. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Cold Fever, Frasier, Uptown Girls, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Ugly Betty, Lost, LOL, The Grand Budapest Hotel

8. Joshua - Tate Donovan

Josh-oooo-ahhhh. Cute, great dress sense, but couldn't commit. She dressed in a CHEERLEADER'S OUTFIT for you, dude. Sort it out. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: The Thin Pink Line, Hercules, The O.C., Nancy Drew, Damages, Argo, Hostages, Masters of Sex

9. Paul Stevens - Bruce Willis

Paul had the sexy, brooding badass thing down, until he opened his pandora's box and blubbered like a baby. Rachel was a bit harsh here I think, but once the vibes are gone, they're gone. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Unbreakable, Ocean's Twelve, Lucky Number Slevin, Die Hard 4.0, The Assassination, I'm Still Here, Moonrise Kingdom, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

10. Tag Jones - Eddie Cahill

Too young, too fresh, too damn eager. Cute as pie but...NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Glory Days, Haunted, Dawson's Creek, CSI: NY

11. Richard Burke - Tom Selleck

Aw Richard, what were you playing at man? This could've been so magical, if only you'd sewn that seed while you had the chance, eh? NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Boston Legal, Meet the Robinsons, Killers, Blue Bloods

12. Pete Becker - Jon Favreau

Lovable? Check! Worships you? Check! Rolling in $$$? Check! Hell bent on having the living shit beaten out of him on a regular basis? Check! NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Deep Impact, The Sopranos, Family Guy, Daredevil, The Break-Up, G-Force, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Wolf of Wall Street, Entourage

13. Gary - Michael Rapaport

Things were going so well with this dude until he woke up one morning and decided to blow a bullet through a bird's brain. You're dating a hippie, dude, wise up. NEXT!

What he's been up to since: Deep Blue Sea, Small Time Crooks, Hitch, My Name Is Earl, Prison Break, Inside Out, Louie

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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